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Visa Form

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Visa Application Form and Instructions

Please Download One of the following Forms:

  Visa Form
Visa Form in Acrobat 4 Format Size:80 K Microsoft Word Format Size: 34 K
2 Photographs
Visa fee $45 (Money order) for US citizens only.
Self addressed prepaid envelope (US postal service only),
if sending by mail.
Note: 5 year multiple entry visas will be issued to US citizens of Pakistan origin on production of previous Pakistani passport or NIC.

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for extending visas in the following categories of foreigners (other than Indian nationals whose cases are dealt by the IP&N Wing of the Ministry of Interior): -

Foreigners seeking employment/consultancy within Pakistan must obtain work permission from the Board of Investment, Islamabad. After the grant of work permission, Ministry of Interior issues instructions to concerned  Pakistan missions abroad or concerned passport offices for grant of work visa to the foreigner for the period recommended by Board of Investment or up to validity of passport, whichever is earlier.



Expatriate staff of UN agencies working in Pakistan and their families are allowed gratis visa/extension on recommendation of Foreign office. Expatriate staff of NGO'S working in Pakistan are allowed visa extension on the basis of request from the organizations or concerned government departments only.



  1. All foreign businessmen shall be allowed entry w.e.f 26th September 2001, only on proper business visa, issued by our missions abroad. 

  2. Pakistan missions abroad can issue multiple entry visa up to 3 years to businessmen and investors from 45 listed countries (List A) with substantial investment in Pakistan. 

  3. Multiple entry resident visa up to 3 years will be issued to businessmen of all countries except those not recognized by Pakistan, who bring in an amount of US$ 2,00,000/-.

  4. The Regional Passport Offices at Islamabad as well as at Provincial capitals, have been empowered to allow one year extension in business visa to nationals of the listed countries on submission of the following documents:-

    1. Valid Passport

    2. Proof of ownership or

    3. Proof of Partnership with a local registered firm.

    4. For sole proprietorship, application from the foreigner duly attested by Notary Public Commissioner.  



All foreign tourists shall be allowed entry w.e.f 26th September, 2001, only on proper visa, issued by our Missions abroad.


The Regional Passport Offices are authorized to allow visa extension upto three months, charging visa fee as fixed on reciprocal basis. Regional Passport Office can also allow two entries to the tourists, charging visa fee fixed on reciprocal basis (according to visa fee table) subject to a minimum of US $ 10 only.


In order  to provide facility to the foreigners visiting  Northern Areas, Deputy Commissioner-Gilgit and Deputy Commissioner Skardu  have been authorized to issue visa extension and one re-entry to the tourists for a period of three months, charging visa fee as per policy."


Foreign nationals working as house maid/domestic help in Pakistan require NOC from their embassy for employment, proper employment contract  & photocopies of passport to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior while applying for visa/extension.



Missionaries intending to work in Pakistan will provide their ten year CV from the mission along with the application. Missionary Visa is only allowed in replacement of a Missionary worker who has left Pakistan and does not intend to return.  


Diplomats and non diplomatic staff of the foreign Embassies/Missions working in Pakistan will submit their applications through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with recommendation of their respective missions.



Foreign students, holding proper study visas, NOC of the Ministry of Education /Economics Affairs Division/Ministry of Health (as  the case may be), NOC from the country of origin and bonafide certificate of the Institution, are granted extension in stay valid for one year with one re-entry, subject to validity of Passport within one week of the receipt of such request from the applicant



All foreigners are exempted from registration with the Police except the nationals of following countries; as well as such other foreign nationals who are directed by the immigration authorities to report to FRO for registration and a stamp is affixed to this effect, on their passports.


1.    Algeria

2.    Bangladesh

3.    Bhutan 

4.    India

5.    Iraq

6.    Israel

7.    Libya

8.    Nigeria

9.    P.L.O

10.  Serbia

11.  Somalia

12.  Sri Lanka

13.  Sudan

14.  Tanzania

15.  Uganda

16.  Yeman


However, nationals in the managerial category, who are issued work permit/visa from these countries will be exempted from Police registration except Indians and foreigners of Indian origin. 

Please contact for registration, Foreigner Registration Branch established in the office of every District Superintendent of Police. 

Visa applications for businessman, Tourist, Students, and visit visa holders are accepted in Ministry of Interior on all working days between 10.00 Am to 1 P.M except Friday & Sunday.



1 Australia
2 Austria
3 Bahrain
4 Belgium
5 Brunei
6 Canada
7 China
8 Czeck Republic
9 Denmark
10 Finland
11 France
12 Germany
13 Greece
14 Hong Kong
15 Hungary
16 Iceland
17 Indonesia
18 Iran
19 Ireland
20 Italy
21 Japan
22 Kuwait
23 Luxemburg
24 Malaysia
25 Netherlands
26 New Zealand
27 Norway
28 Oman
29 Poland
30 Portugal
31 Qatar
32 Russian Federation
33 Saudi Arabia
34 Singapore
35 Slovakia
36 South Africa
37 South Korea
38 Spain
39 Sweden
40 Switzerland
41 Thailand
42 Turkey
43 U.A.E
44 United Kingdom
45 United States of America

Visa Application for Extension in Stay (except Indians Nationals)
Visa Application for Extension in Stay Form (Students)    
For more information please contact: 051-9207200, 9207404, 92006575. Fax No. 051-9206380


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