A Grave and Sensitive 
Concerned Issues…….
of Internet Technology…..?

Anti Islamic Forces….Demolish Muslim Ethics…..Targeting Children & Students of Pakistan's  Work Force.
Dear Readers,

Nevertheless, We have thoroughly investigated after hours of research and fact-findings on the subject in question among the community of Pakistan to my shock and surprise, hereby summit as to …..

Please save our nation from the evil of PORNOGRAPHY by means of Internet.
Anti-Islamic forces spread this in order to demolish our Ethics. There are too many evils over the net such as:
Nudity, Sex pictures, interracial sex, child sex, hardcore pornography, gay pornography, vintage pornography, cartoon pornography, lesbian pornography, children pornography, amateur pornography, Asians pornography, sex stories, animal sex, live sex, anal sex, free sex, oral sex, gay sex, Group sex, sex game, sex chat , Drug Use, Bad Language, Discrimination, Crimes etc.

Only “Altavista” one of the Internet Search Engines shows the number of Web Sites having pornography as given below:

Word count: xxx: 20,351,716
Word count: sex: 74,981,817
Word count: pornography: 3,266,023
(Sunday, May 09, 1999)

Have you concern over what our children might see on the Internet when parents are not around…..? Or what Pakistani work force might see when boss not around….? Or what the students might see when the librarian not around…….?

The Global Info-Tech Scenario……. 
A non Muslim country like Singapore has establish the Filtering policy to save their nation from the evils of Internet, why not Pakistan!?!
I urge to the government of Pakistan to take some serious action against the evils of Internet, and must establish the ‘Filtering Philosophy’ to provide healthy use of Internet Technology. 

The Government Responsibility……
The Government would have passed an ordinance immediately for blocking the ‘objectionable’ Web Sites on proxy servers of all of our ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) or wait for the death of our Islamic ethics. .

The Filtering Philosophy
This philosophy reflects our criteria in identifying objectionable Internet material. The general categories of
"Blockable" Web sites are listed below:

Nudity: The absence of clothing or exposing any and all parts of the human genitalia. 

Adult Content: Any material that has been publicly labeled as being strictly for adults. 

Sex: Description or depiction of sexual acts and any erotic material. 

Violence: Graphic depiction of violent acts including murder, rape, torture and/or serious injury. 

Drug Use: Usage or encouraging usage of any recreational drugs including tobacco and alcohol advertising. Exceptions: material with valid educational use (e.g. drug abuse statistics). 

Bad Language: Crude or vulgar language or gestures. 

Discrimination: Denigration of others' race, religion, gender, nationality and/or sexual orientation. 

Crime: Encouragement of, tools for, or advice on carrying out universally criminal acts. This includes lock-picking, bomb-making and hacking information. 

Tastelessness: Excretory functions, tasteless humor, graphic medical photos outside of medical context and some extreme forms of body modification (cutting, branding, genital piercing). 

Sex Chat Sites: On-line chatting (might appear under the High-Risk category as well). 

High Risk: Sites with lack of editorial control which then may fall into one of the other blockable categories. 

Here are some of the site offering  blocking software to stop pronography:


Please do feel free for any technical support on establishing the Filtering Philosophy or for any further details.

Yours truly,

Zahid Ikram
CEO & Webmaster 
E-mail: ceo@cybercity-online.net

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