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    Consulting and design services

    • Andraka Consulting Group - digital hardware design firm specializing in high performance FPGA designs
    • Annabooks - PC hardware workshops and PC hardware design books
    • Berkeley Design Technology - Independent DSP Analysis and Software
    • CE-test - EMC and electrical safety consulting and testing services
    • Chipworks - international provider of reverse engineering services, analyzing the circuitry and physical composition of semiconductor chips, intellectual property support, and reliability assurance
    • CircuitWorld Online Services - nformation and commercial services to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry
    • Diverse Technologies and Systems Ltd - Technical consultancy specialising in Optical Engineering, Measurement and Inspection Systems and Welding Technology
    • DSP Tools
    • GK Consultants - Product Safety & CE Marking
    • InnerStep - mechanical and electrical engineering, PCB desing, turnkey manufacturing
    • Intar
    • Joritel - technical and approval services to companies who want to sell analogue telecom products in the diffuse European market
    • LyonSound Engineering Solutions - audio/video hardware and software engineering services
    • McLaughlin Consulting Group - display and imaging technologies
    • Momentun Data Systems - provider of DSP contract engineering and OEM modules
    • PCNalert.com - individualized reporting and online searching for electronics product change notices (PCNs), obsolescence, end-of-life, and application notes
    • Semiconductor Insights - microelectronics consultancy specializing in the analysis of the circuit design and process technology used in semiconductor devices
    • Ultimate Technology - Schematic Capture and EMC expert
    • Unique Micro Systems - embedded systems consulting, design and programming services, design of RF systems, instrumentation, production test fixtures and control systems desig
      ZT Services - Information, consulting and analytic services for the thermoelectric and energy conversion communities


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