Electronics Net



    Tools for electronics work

    • 3L - software development tools for DSP
    • Agilent - measurement equipments
    • Antex - soldering tools
    • Basic Micro - PIC programming tools, PIC BASIC compiler
    • Bicotest - cable fault location, cable test and measurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance instruments for cabling
    • Blue Water Systems - tools, training, support and systems integration services for developing device drivers
    • BrainTechnology - logic analyzer, autiomation tools, prototyping tools
    • Celestial Horizons - PIC development tools
    • Chip Quick - SMD removal kit
    • Cooper Tools - wide variety of electronics tools including Weller soldering irons
    • Chris Scott & Associates - RF test antennas and specialty filters for the broadcast engineer
    • Dynaart Design - PCB making tools
    • Emulation Technology - adapters, sockets and test accessories for the following IC Packages: BGA, Chipscale microBGA, DIP, LCC, PGA, PLCC, QFP, CQFP, PQFP, PBGA, SOIC, SOJ, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP, ZIP
    • Frontier Design - DSP, development tools, ANSI C to VHDL translator
    • Hung Chang - test and measurement equipments
    • Infotech Solutions - Educational Shareware, Electronics, Microprocessor Simulator, Karnaugh Maps
    • Introl - microcontroller development tools
    • Isel Automation - Etching machine, boring, milling, pages in german so try automatic translation to english
    • JM Engineering - probe adapters, probing accessories
    • Jokari - Wire and cable stripping tools
    • Kaitek Engineering - PCI, CompactPCI, PCMCIA, CARDBUS, DIMM extender cards and prototyping cards
    • Keil Software - Compilers for C51, C251 and C166 microcontrollers. Free demo version with limited functionality available.
    • KRF Tech - tools for programming Windows 95/98/NT/2000/CE and Linux device drivers
    • MCA Automation - final assembling automation
    • Mentor Graphics - electronics design software
    • microEngineering Labs - PICmicro microcontroller (MCU) development tools
    • Modo - technology carts and roll stands for electronic equipments
    • New Wave Instruments - manufacturer of spread spectrum and PN code generators
    • Pacific Microinstruments - Palm OS handheld instruments, wearable sensors, and wireless control systems
    • Probyte - microcontroller programmers and development tools in Finland
    • Pro Technology - plastic repair system
    • Pulse Reasearch Lab - logic level translators, SMT to DOP adapters, prototyping kits, laboratory tools
    • Riser-Bond Instruments - time domain reflectometers (TDR's)
    • Symbiote Technical Furniture - Manufacturer of technical furniture suitable for electronics laboratories and manufacturing
    • Telesystems - universal programmers for microcontrollers and EPROMs
    • Tohde & Schwars - testing equipments, measuring equipments
    • Triad Spectrum - Memory Tester Company
    • Virtual Micro Design - Universal Microprocessor Program Simulator
    • Vision Inspection Technology - specializing in automated optical inspection (AOI) for in-process PCB inspection including post print, paste, placement, pre-reflow and end of line inspections
      Wavetek - cable testers, multimeters, signal generators, LCR meters, calibrators


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