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    Video Industry

  • Avita tuoteluettelo - list of AV product brands and which company markets them 
  • Projection

    • ASK - LCd data projectors and panels 
    • Barco - data and video projectors, monitors 
    • Digimatic - Videowall Processors for monitors and rear projection cubes 
    • Electrohome - video and data projectors, monitors 
    • Electrosonic - videowall processors, control software and displays 
    • InFocus - video and data projectors 
    • Linden Laser Systems - laser video projector 
    • Philips Multimedia Projectors 
    • Proxima - data projectors 
    • Runco - video projectors for home theatre 
    • Seleco - video projectors for home theatre 
    • Unic - data and video projectors 
    • Vidikron - video projectors and scan converters 

    Projection surfaces

    Videowalls and relate products

    AV integration products

    • Addenda Electronics - video control adapters and control software 
    • Altinex - computer video interfaces, switchers, distribution amplifiers, sync processors, decoders, and converters 
    • AMX - multimedia remote control and sub-controllers 
    • Audio Authority - home theater control, distribution amplifiers, switching solutions 
    • Black Box - computer video and keyboard switches, computer video extenders, scan converters 
    • Broadwave - controlling solutions for the Film and TV industry 
    • Channel Vision - multi room video 
    • Clear-Com - intercom systems for broadcasting and performing arts communications 
    • Communication Specialities - video scan converters, fiber optic converters 
    • Comprehensive Video Group (CVG) - video connectors, cabling, distribution amplifier, matrix switch and signal conversion products 
    • Ebside Productions - software solutions for the broadcast and video production industries 
    • Electrosonic group of companies - electronic control of light, sound and image 
    • Extron Electronics - computer interfaces, switchers, amplifers, scan converters 
    • Focus Enhancements - video conversion technology, VGA to TV converters 
    • Folsom Research - video scan converters, special scan converters 
    • Hall Research Technologies - video distribution, videowall converters, scan converters, keyboard/video extenders, video matrix switches 
    • Inline - high resolution video, AV integration 
    • Intuitive Circuits - video overlay products, bih ready products and modules 
    • JS Technology - SCART RGB to S-video converter, SCART RGB to VGA RGB adapter, active video buffer 
    • Lektropacks - video accessories and gadgets, AV switchers, remotes 
    • Markie Enterprises - utilities for remote control of broadcast video recorders 
    • Opamp Labs - audio and video distribution amplifiers 
    • Production Intercom, Inc. - Manufacturers of Headset and Theatrical Intercom Systems 
    • QED - multi room audio and video controlling, switching, interconnects 
    • Qualitron - engineering and marketing company providing equipment and system level solutions for broadcast television, video and audio production industry 
    • RF Systems - audio/video control and routing products 
    • Scancom - scan converter, genlock adapter, video to VGA, DV video converters 
    • Sima Products Corporation - video switchers, consumer video mixers, vidoe editing accessories, vidoe cmaera chargers, home theater accessories 
    • Skyvision - computer to video converter 
    • Stage Research - theatrical sound playback and show control software 
    • Studio 1 Productions - video switches, distribution amplifiers, video camera microphone adapters 
    • Telecast Fiber - Fiber Optic Systems for Television Production 
    • TenLabs - multisystem digital video converters 
    • Tributaries Cable - video converters berween composite video and Y/C-video, video cable 
    • Universal Electronics - One for All universal remote controllers, wireless joysticks and keyboards 
    • Video Accessory Corporation (VAC) - amplifers, DAs, isolators 
    • VideoWare - s-video to RCA adapters, video adpater cables, video adapter devices 
    • VueTech - video controllers 

    Broadcasting and editing equipment

    • Avid - audio, video, editing, broadcasting equipment 
    • Axon - designs and manufactures broadcast equipment for processing and converting audio and video signals 
    • Black Magic - video titler, logo gonerator, graphics, Amiga genlock, teleprompter 
    • Burst Electronics - logo generators, character generators, vidoe amplifiers, time code, switches, converters 
    • Comcon Indusries - manufacturer of audio video broadcast equipments 
    • Digital Vision - digital image processing equipment to the post-production and telecommunications industries 
    • Drastic Technologies - video editing, animation, audio and video compression solutions 
    • ELSAT multimedia & video - logo generator, video monitoring, vidoe mixer, video compression 
    • ELTI elrad professional - TV and FM broadcasting equipment 
    • EuroTel - TV transmitters 
    • Eurotek Telecomunicazioni - microwave audio+video link equipments 
    • Evertz Microsystems - post-production, time code, digital video 
    • FAST Multimedia - digital video 
    • Horita - cost time code, video test signal, and character generators 
    • Key Digital Systems - design and manufacture of digital video processing, distribution and monitoring products for TV broadcasting, post production, industrial and home theater applications 
    • Kramer Electronics - video converters, processors, amplifiers 
    • Leitch - analog and digital equipment for TV broadcasters 
    • Matrox - non-linear video editing products 
    • Miranda - digital video 
    • MRG Systems - Information Display Systems and Teletext related products for Broadcasters 
    • Multidyne - fiber optic transmission, test signal generators, sync generators, video amplifiers 
    • Netia - broadcast multimedia systems 
    • Newtek - video toaster, lightwave 
    • Norpak - Transmission of Data using the Television Signal 
    • Optibase - MPEG encoders, decoders and transmission products 
    • Ovation Systems - design and manufacture of video scrambling and digital video recording systems 
    • Pinnacle Systems - video post-production tools 
    • Provideo Broadcast Products - modular products for the television broadcast industry for distribution, interfacing, conversion and switching 
    • Ross Video - broad cast equipment and video switchers 
    • Screen Service Italia - Modulators, Transmitters, Transposers, Up converters, Microwave links 
    • Snell & Wilcox - digital image processing products 
    • Ultimatte - hardware and software used in bluescreen compositing 
    • Vision Quest - CCTV and Professional Video Products 
    • Vortex Communications - Modular Television & Radio Broadcast Solutions 
    • Wireless Video Cameras 

    Repair and measurement




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