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SPIDER May 2000:

Top 3 Websites of Pakistan

Cyber City

Whether you're a businessman, student, working professional, parent, cyber kid or hobbyist, this Web site has something for you. The hosts have collected the best worldwide information and links under diversified categories, such as banks, city codes, doctors, food, foreign missions and more. Aside from these, you will find a message board and a free Web based e-mail service, a chat room, as well as a wide range of e-cards for almost every occasion. Cybercity is a highly colorful, Java script enabled Web site. The down load time is quick and this site is best viewed at 800X600 Hi Color (16 bit) mode resolution.


Launch of PTDC Web Site:

CYBER CITY Developed & Sponsored 1,100 Pages Multilingual Web Site & PTDC Motel Reservation System, including Tourist Information Centers (TICs), Tourist Itineraries by PTL, Tourist Destinations, Tourist Guide, Maps, Cities of Pakistan, People & Culture, Festivals, Events,  Picture Gallery, Slide Shows, Video Clips & Web Links etc.

This project www.tourism.gov.pk was launched by Fedral Minister for Culture & Tourism, Colonel Retd. S. K. Tressler on 23rd Nov 2000, this event was broadcast on all Pakistani media including TV, Radio and News Papers.

The NEWS 24th Nov 2000

PTDC launches new website on tourism

The Minister appreciated the services of Zahid Ikram, The Managing Director M/S CYBER CITY, Islamabad, who undertook this venture on complementary basis in order to render a national service.

Minister announced a cash award Rs. 50,000 & 5 Years Free Stay in PTDC Motels for Zahid Ikram CEO CYBER CITY ONLINE.


Pakistan Post: APNIC 14 Aug 2001

e-Post System, Pakistan Post Office has launched "eLetter", system with CCOL, a service that dispatches letters written through the internet. They guarantee that letters are printed and delivered within 48 to 72 hours anywhere in Pakistan.


Spider Mar 2002: http://spider.tm/mar2002/top5.shtml

Rescue 15 & CTP Website in Top 5:

CCOL Developed & Sponsored web sites of CTP & Rescue 15, IT Training Seminars to Women Police, Islamabad.

Spider Internet Magazine place this site in Top 5

The existence of this website came as a surprise to many. It is hard enough to digest the fact that we finally have an efficient rescue service (think 911) leave alone survive the shock of its existence in the cyber world. Not only this, but the site is actually worthy of praise. It makes good use of graphics and is therefore very appealing. The site lists its services, for instance, Ambulance Coordination, Theft Reporting, Vehicle Verification and a 24-Hour Help Line. Find your magnifying glass and be on the look out for car thieves by checking out the Criminals Photo Album. You can also view the various types of offences that have been reported, challaned and convicted. The Contact Us link provides the telephone numbers of various police stations and IG s, AIG s and SP s in Islamabad. But don’t bother dialing this rescue number from anywhere else in Pakistan; the service is exclusively for our Capital


EDB (Engineering Development Board):

Developed and Sponsored Multilingual Web Portal.
This Project
www.engineeringindustry.info was officially launched by Commerce Minister Razzak Dawood on Thursday 31 10 2002, this event was broadcast on all Pakistani media including TV, Radio and News Papers.

Daily Times 30 10 2002:

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 
EDB Pakistan enters electronic world

* Commerce minister to launch engineering website in nine languages
* Initial cost up could be Rs 500,000

By Wajid Syed

LAHORE: The Engineering Development Board (EDB) Pakistan is all set to enter the electronic world by developing its own website, giving authentic information about the engineering industry in Pakistan. The website is scheduled to be launched by Commerce Minister Razzak Dawood on Thursday (tomorrow).

In a recent meeting which was also attended by the commerce minister, Secretary Industries Dr M Akram Sheikh, EDB Co-ordinator Javed Akhtar Paracha and some top Pakistani industrialists, the EDB signed an agreement with a private company, Cyber City Online, to develop and host the website.

The initial development cost of the website is Rs 500,000, which include website data analysis, site structure design, site coding, online presentations, data presentation in PPT, DOC, PDF, HTML, DataBase formats and web hosting, domain, and maintenance cost.

The website has been called ‘www.EngineeringIndustry.info’, will be hosted in Canada and will be browsable in nine different languages.

Besides basic information and the history of the industry in Pakistan, the website will contain yellow pages of the industry and various industry-related forms and applications, provided by the EDB officials.

The developer of the site, and CEO Cyber City Online, Mian Zahid Ikram, informed Daily Times that there would be around 2,000 pages, which will include static, dynamic, download able files (for deletion programs) and presentations.

He said, “To make it user friendly, we are choosing simple but smart navigation tools, the best graphics and animations as per required, search facility and search guide, PDF and other files download support and a user guide.” He added that users abroad may access the website in nine international languages. Mr Ikram said, “Even any linked sites will be auto translated into other languages.”

Mr Ikram said, “At the moment, the agreement will stand for one year, but two months after the successful launching of the site, it will be extended to three years.” He added that he would provide the total cost of development of the website.

Meanwhile, a board official said, “Acquiring this asset and technology will enable the engineering industry in Pakistan to expand its client out-reach and business and better serve customers by increasing its range of specialty products.” He added that the virtual presentation of the industry was the need of the hour and it would present the Pakistani industry worldwide.

Launch of New Multilingual Website for Board of Investment:

CCOL Developed Multilingual Web Site for BOI.
This Project
www.pakboi.gov.pk was officially reviewed by Federal Ministers Hamayoon Akhter, Abdel Hafeez Sheikh & Chairman BOI Waseem Haqui on June 2003 this event was broadcast on all Pakistani media including TV, Radio and News Papers.


Developed & Sponsored a Multilingual Website for Rotary Club if Islamabad Metropolitan by Zahid Ikram CEO CCOL.

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