Urdu Glossary

Urdu Glossary

Urdu is a conglomerate of Persian, Arabic and various local languages. The spoken language is similar to Hindi, but it is written in the Perso-Arabic script.

1 ek                           12 bara

1.5 dehr                     13 tera

2 doh                        14 chawda

2.5 dhai                     15 pandra

3 teen                         20 bees

4 char                       25 pachees

5 paanch                   30 tees

6 chhe                       40 chalees

7 saath                      50 pachaas

8 aath                       100 ek saw

9 naw                        2,000 doh hazaar

10 dus                      100,000 ek lakh

11 gyara                  10 million ek crore

(Beware of similar-sounding 25 and 50).

Greeting (Peace be with you) Asalaam-o-Alaykum

Reply to Greeting (With you also be peace) Waalay kum as salaam

How are you? Aapka (or Tumhara) kya hal heyh?

I am well. Theekh heyh or Theek thak.

What is your name? Aapka (or Tumhara) naam kya heyh?

Do you speak English? Kya aap angrezi boltay heyn?

I am English/American/French Meyn angrez/amrikan/fransisi hun.

Which way to Lahore? Lahore kiss taraf heyh?

How much is this/that? Yeyh/Voh kitne ky heyh?

Thank you Shukria.

Good Bye Allaha Haafiz.

Yes Ji haan, haanji or haan

No Naheen (naen)

Okay/Good Achhaa

When? Kub?

Three Oclock Teen bajay

Morning Subha

Evening Shaam

Go/going Jao/Jaana

Near Nazdeek

Far Dur

Food Khana

To eat food Khana khana

To drink Peena

Meat Gosht

Beef Gai ka gosht

Goat meat Bakri ka gosht

Chicken Murghi

Fish Machii/machhlii

Egg Anda

Vegetable Subzi

Potato Aalu

Spinach Palak

Lentils Daal

Rice Chavel

Bread Roti, naan, chapati

Baked bread Double roti

Yoghurt Dahi

Water Pani

Tea Chai

Salt Namak

Sugar Cheeni

Home/house Ghar/makaan

Bed Palang, charpai

Blanket Kambal

Pillow Takya

Sheet Chader

Fan Pankha

Candle Mombutti

Hot Garam

Cold Thanda (m)/thandi (f)

Small Chhota (m)/chhoti (f)

Big Burha (m)/burhi (f)

Clean Saaf

Expensive Mehenga


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