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Our Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone promote their products and services on the Internet World Wide Web?
A: The short answer is yes. But the success will depend on basic marketability factors & budget that can be applied. 

Q: How much does a web site cost?
A: As low as Rs.500 per month. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the project. Simpler sites cost less than complex sites. Catalogs and database sites have much more flexibility, than single page sites, but are also more complex, so they tend to cost more. 

Q: How often can I change my pages? What will that cost?
A: You can change the content of your pages as often as you wish. Depending on need, we may suggest a database approach with a higher front-end cost, but almost no ongoing development cost since you control the data via a "back door" interface. Any Text Change @Rs300 and Graphic change @Rs500 will be charged.

Q: Can I take orders for products entered directly at my site? Are there security issues?
A: We are currently taking orders for all sorts of products. There are some security considerations that we'll discuss with you; we can tailor a site best suited to generate sales for you keeping security precautions in mind. 

Q: How do people find my web site?
A:CyberCity-Online.Net actively promotes your site through mail distribution lists, news groups, and most importantly: getting you registered in various indexing services available on the Internet. 

Q: How can I tell who sees my web pages?
A: Log files record all accesses to all the files in your site. 

Q: What exposure does advertising on the Internet get me versus Print, Radio, TV, Billboards, etc.?
A: The Internet is non-geographic. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can make your messages available to millions of people world-wide. It's also static. It's always available and can be pointed to from other forms of (more transient) advertising. 

Q: I have a friend who can program HTML. Can you help me anyway? If he does it, can you make it available on the Internet?
A: Cyber City cheerfully accepts pre-designed pages for hosting on the Internet at our low rates. We can also assist in many ways to help you design a site that's professional and polished looking, including enhancing pre-designed pages or providing CGI or programming support for the site your friend may not be able to do. 

Q: Can I use audio or video clips from my web site?
A: Certainly. A number of methods and options are available for various forms of multimedia, but you should know the limitations of each before proceeding. Call us for details. 

Q: What are the demographics of net users?
A: Following traditional trends, predominantly white, male, professionals from 25-45 still, however recent polls show dramatic increases by females. Polls also show about 300 Million people around the world will be using the Internet by year 2000. 

Q: What's the ratio of the number of people that see my site relative to the number of sales I can expect?
A: This will vary. Users unfamiliar with the Internet will be surprised to see how many people will see the site (as evidenced by log files). How many sales result from this activity is more a function of demand for the products and services being promoted. 

What Is Web Site Hosting?
The act of making your web site available to the Internet is called hosting. Web pages written in HTML or other languages become visible to web browsers on the Internet by a computer that is running web server software. This computer is available to the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Such a system is called a web server. 

What Makes Web Sites So Slow?
There are many causes for some web sites to appear to run slow. Among these are your modem and processor speed that you use when accessing the Internet. Also, connections from your Internet provider to the Internet may be degraded based on the capacity of the lines and the amount of other users connected to that provider at any one time. There is also the possibility that Internet backbone segments between major providers are saturated or even down. In this case, your connection to a web site may be routed through many abnormal Internet paths to reach the web server. And finally, a web server itself may be based on a system that is also providing connectivity to other dial in users such as yourself. This overhead will bog down the performance of a system as it services all the users connected through accounts on the computer. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Web Site Hosted By CyberCity-Online.Net?
Web sites are hosted for various rates depending on the technologies involved. A basic web site generally fits within our Value hosting rate of only US$50.00 a month (150 MB space with 25 pop email accounts). 

What Is A Value Web Site?
A value web site is one in which there are HTML files that compose web pages. There may be some java  script involved, and a basic mail or lead generation form provided by Cyber City Webmasters. The total disk space used by the web site is not more than 25 Megabytes. On average you can get from 10 to 12 web pages in one Megabyte depending on the amount of graphics that are also required in the site. 150 Megabytes should allow you to have up to 500 average web pages with a combination of text, 2D and 3DGraphics. 

What Do I Get For The Value Monthly Hosting Rate?
Domain name support for, up to 150 Megabytes of disk storage, FTP access, Five Email mailbox ( and up to 25 E-Mail and unlimited Aliases 

Are There Setup Fees For A Web Site?
There is a one time setup fee of US$100 for web sites that covers administrative costs to set up the domain naming software, the FTP account, Email, and the file structure required to support your web site. The setup fee is waived for development clients of Cyber City. 

How Much Bandwidth Do I Get For The Value Rate?
Unlimited. Cyber City does not charge for byte transfers for value web sites! Cyber City only charges transfer fees for sites requiring data streaming for audio or video purposes. 

What If I Need More Than 150 Megabytes Of Storage?
Cyber City can provide you with as much storage as you need. For applications requiring up to 100 Megabytes of storage, the monthly hosting rate (storage plus Internet access to this data) is $0.50 for each additional 1 Megabytes . 

What Extended Web Hosting Features Does Cyber City Offer?
Cyber City offers a full range of extended hosting capabilities including secure credit card transactions, authentication, and crediting. Cyber City can also offer audio or video streaming capability, a wide range of custom CGI applications capability including catalog shopping carts and database search and retrieval applications, and additional mail-boxes. 

Does Cyber City Support Shockwave and Java?
Yes. Include your shockwave .DCR files in your file path and link to them like you would anywhere and they should run fine. The same is true for Java class files or Javascript. 

Does Cyber City Support Virtual Domain Names?
Yes. A typical web address with a domain name would look like this: The "" portion is what's known as a domain name and is a simple marketing device that allows prospects and customers to easily associate a web site with an Internet address. Also known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), the domain name allows people to find your site easier. 

Is A Domain Name Required?
A domain name is not required. In lieu of a specific domain name registered for you by Cyber City, your address would be something like 

How Do I Register A New Domain Name Through Cyber City?
Cyber City will spend time with you over the phone or in person to brainstorm domain names not taken by another company. Cyber City will look up in the InterNIC - the body that governs domain names - database for the name you choose to make sure the name will be uniquely yours. If the name you'd like to have is available, Cyber City will submit a domain name registration form to InterNIC. It can take hours or days for the domain name to be approved and registered by InterNIC based on the volume of submissions they receive at any given time. InterNIC will notify Cyber City when the name registration is complete. 

I Already Have A Domain Name. How Can I Transfer It To Cyber City?
If you already have a domain name and wish to move your web site to a Cyber City web server, you or your current web site provider will need to send InterNIC a domain name modify form that Cyber City will provide you. 

Are There Additional Fees For Having A Virtual Domain?
There are no additional monthly fees for a virtual domain name by Cyber City. There is a one-time registration and setup fee of US$100. InterNIC will bill you US$70 for 2 years for administering the domain name, two years in advance the first time you register it. We will charge $30 as processing fee in the case we make payments to InterNIC.

How Do I Receive E-Mail From My Web Site?
When you set up an account with an Internet Service Provider you will have access to at least one mail account. This mail account can receive mail from your web site. Also, when you set up a web site with a virtual domain at Cyber City, you will receive the use of one complementary mailbox at no extra charge. Either mailbox - the one at your ISP, or the one provided by Cyber City - can be used to receive Email from your web site. In either case, you'd point your Eudora (or other) Email program to receive mail from the appropriate POP server. 

Can I Set Up E-Mail Aliases?
E-Mail aliases are basically fake addresses that relate to real mail accounts. Up to 5 aliases can be set up if Cyber City is serving your domain name. An example of typical mail aliases would be,, and In these cases, mail sent to any of these addresses could be made to go to the same mail address at Cyber City or at your ISP, or to different mail addresses depending upon your requirements. 

Does Cyber City Support Secure Commerce Applications?
Yes. Cyber City is one of the few providers that can offer completely secure credit card transactions including authentication and account crediting! Authentication takes at most 45 seconds (real-time) at which time your account will be credited. Funds will be available for your use within 48 hours of a transaction.Cyber City can even offer a manual credit card entry interface in your web site (under username/password) to eliminate the need for separate phone lines or manual verification terminals! 

How Does It Work?
We use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) combined with a direct connection to a credit card clearing service that provides totally secure and immediate authentication of credit card numbers through many credit card service bureaus. Cyber City differs from many services providing SSL security in that most web hosting companies provide an SSL layer between a customer's client browser (like NetScape or Internet Explorer) and their web server only. The credit card order still has to be processed and usually the data is not encrypted from their server to you to manually process the credit card and order. For true security, Cyber City provides an SSL layer from the browser to the server, and from the server to our credit card processing service directly. When the card has been approved, we return a verification to the customer, and send you the order with a credit card verification statement. You don't even have to post the credit card. All you have to do is ship the product. Your prospects and customers will feel secure knowing that neither you nor Cyber City actually ever sees the credit card number. And unlike many other encryption schemes, people surfing your site that want to order products or services do not need to download special software, they just point, click, and order securely!!! 

What's Required To Start This Service?
You must have a pre-existing credit card merchant ID to sign up for this service. (In other words, you must already be accepting credit cards.) 

What Are The Fees For Secure Commerce Applications?
There is a one time setup fee of US$300 to provide all the linkages required for the real time authentication and account crediting. This is a per client charge to Cyber City by our service bureau that we have to cross charge to you. This is a separate charge from the $100 account setup for a web site. There is also a 2-3% transaction fee charged based on the dollar gross of the transactions processed through your web site. This transaction fee will be billed once a month to a credit card you specify. Note that this fee is separate from and in addition to whatever merchant fees your credit card service bureau may charge you on your total transactions. Since Cyber City also has to add specific encryption software and functionality into your web site, one time site ( web page ordering capability) development charges will also apply. 

What Banks Or Credit Card Services Bureaus Are You Linked To That Allow You To Provide This Service?
Currently there are 83 financial companies that we can provide direct secure credit card authentication and account processing through. Many are national service bureaus. They are listed alphabetically here: 


If you do not see the name of your credit card service bureau on this list, contact Cyber City to see if we can get them added to this service. 

Does Cyber City Provide Catalog Ordering Capability That Doesn't Require The Secure Commerce Application?
Absolutely. In fact Cyber City has passed thousands of dollars of orders through it's servers to our clients with catalogs for over 2 years, and we continue to do so today. The secure application option is available for those clients that believe having the secure application will yield better sales (from people concerned with inputting their credit card number in an unsecured environment) with less manpower requirements since the credit card processing is done in advance of passing the order on. 

What Does Cyber City Do For Security?
We constantly monitor our log files for anomalous entries indicating someone may be trying to tamper with our systems. We also have removed many applications from our servers that are known to have security holes which may allow someone to gain access or entry surreptitiously. We also engage security experts to audit our operations periodically to verify the integrity of our systems and processes. 

Does Cyber City Include Backups and Restores In Case Of  System Failures?
Cyber City provides backup and restore services as a protection to our development clients who allow us to host their sites. "Hosting only" clients that FTP changes into their web sites are encouraged to keep a redundant backup of their web site environment at their own discretion since we can't guarantee that we'll have saved the site since your last changes. Should a system failure arise that requires rebuilding a disk containing your web site, we'll make every effort to restore it as best we can but cannot guarantee that we had a complete backup. 

Are There Limitations As To What Kind Of Content Cyber City Allows In Web Sites?
Yes. Cyber City does not and will not host sites promoting alcohol products, tobacco products, or pornography. Cyber City will not accept or support web pages or content containing negative civil-rights ideologies ("negative" to be defined at our discretion). Cyber City will also not accept or support web pages or content that specifically promotes or denounces issues of abortion or sexual orientation. General forms of political or religious discussion and promotion when done in a positive forum are acceptable. Cyber City reserves the right to accept or deny hosting services to any party, and to amend or modify this policy at any time. Please contact Cyber City for any clarifications. 

Cyber City Internet Web Services reserves the right to modify and change hosting service options and capabilities at any time without notice. 

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