The real question is how much is too much for you? if you are a pregnant women any amount is too much because of potential harm to the fetus. If you are planning to drive any amount is too much because even one drink can impair your reaction time, coordination and judgment. If you are taking medication any amount can be too much because alcohol can increase of diminish the effects medications. If you are under age 21 any amount is too much because it is illegal for you to drink. 
The effect that alcohol has on the body and mind depends on its concentration in the blood. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood from the digestive system  and remains in the blood until it is broken down by the liver and exhaled by the lungs or excreted in urine. The rate at which the alcohol level in the blood falls is fairly constant. Whatever the circumstances and however long it may take for you to be affected, once you have reached a certain blood alcohol level it takes the alcohol about the same time to leave your system as it takes to leave the system of someone who is affected more slowly or more quickly than you. However the rate at which the alcohol level in the blood rises is variable depending on the circumstances. 


Because a large person has more blood in his or her body than a small person does, the concentration of alcohol in a larger person's blood tends to rise more slowly and to reach lower levels overall when identical amounts of alcohol are consumed. 

Food in the stomach and intestines slows the rate of which alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream. If you eat before or while drinking, you temporarily show down the absorption of alcohol. 

The more slowly you drink, the les drastic the effects. If you drink liquor straight the high alcohol content produces a high concentration of alcohol in your blood more quickly than does a similar amount of wine or beer. If you gulp a shot of liquor, the alcohol is quickly absorbed into your system, especially on an empty stomach.



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