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Agencies are always on the lookout for potential promotional models, so always keep your portfolio and yourself ready at all times

We hope this information will help you to decide whether or not to try to become a model, or at least to have some fun modeling just to go online! Models are needed in almost every aspect of our lives. Both experienced and novice photographers and artists hire models for testing, to get experience, or to build their portfolios. Magazines, newspapers, billboards, catalogs, product literature and TV commercials use models to show off or accentuate

 merchandise or products such as 

  • a kid showing off a toy or eating cereal, 
  • a macho guy on a horse showing off the new jeans, or
  • a pretty girl standing next to a new car .
  • Agencies are constantly looking for new faces to use in their ads. Then there's the really-big money world of high fashion! Famous designers from around the world are always looking for beautiful new faces and bodies to show off their new lines of clothing.

     The world of modeling is really very very big. From simple ads, to covers or centerfolds of famous magazines, there are literally thousands of opportunities for men, women and children of ALL ages! And that includes seniors! Remember, it wasn't a skinny, slightly dressed model that hollered: "Where's the beef?"

    While most people have dreams of becoming a glamorous high fashion model working for top designers, the requirements are very strict (5'-9" minimum) and competition is very intense. Less than one in ten-thousand every make it as a high fashion model. However, that doesn't mean that you can't make a very comfortable living and have a LOT of fun in other types of modeling! 

    If you have pretty eyes, slender hands, great legs, or a size 5 foot, you can get very steady work as a "parts" model. And what about the "housewife" making orange juice or vacuuming a floor, or maybe the little kid playing with a new toy, or the elderly gentleman pondering an insurance policy. These are "character" models. Thousands of character models around the world earn several thousand dollars a year posing for products or catalogs. Plus, many photographers also hire models for fine art and figure studies, stock prints, etc

    The point is, whether you're 

  • young or old, 
  • skinny or "plus sized",
  • tall or petite, 
  • black, white or polka dotted.
  • there is a spot for  "YOUR" look !!!! First find it, then get going !!!! 

    Becoming a model can be as easy as submitting a composite of yourself. With the right photo displayed where the most people can see it, you'll have a much better chance of getting a high-paying job as a fashion, figure or character model, and a composite is exactly the tool you need to start. 

    The most successful method of beginning as a model is to go to a reputable photographer in your area, and have him or her shoot your "PORTFOLIO" (usually 10 to 15 color 8 x10's), which you will then select the 5 best shots for your "composite". A composite is simply an 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" sheet, folded in half with 4 or 5 of your images, and the personal information about you. The only mandatory thing about a composite, is that all the pictures should be totally different. Different clothes, different hair (especially), different makeup, and a complete different look or "feel".

    Like a Photographic "Resume", the pictures in your composite will show the agency the way you look and photograph. What's more, they are precisely what the agency sends out to clients that hire models! Some runway model agencies will tell you that a portfolio or composite isn't really necessary - and that may be true - FOR THEM!!!  But walk into most agencies and the first thing they will want to see is your composites and portfolio.

    Unfortunately, the expense is mandatory, and always up to the model. If you really want a career in modeling, you'll have to put out money to make it happen. Without the composites and portfolios, the agency will blow you off. They simply don't have time to explain to every newcomer that walks in the door (and there are hundreds every week), what he or she needs to do to get into modeling. But when you walk into their office with a stack of  composites and your portfolio under your arm, they are MORE than happy to talk to you because they know you're serious!

    With your tools for success completed, the rest is basically up to you. Regardless of how beautiful you are, you'll never get anywhere as a model if you don't go out and try to get hired. Stop into every agency in your area. Mail composites to those agencies that aren't local to you. Make sure that people SEE who you are and what you can do!


    Avoid agencies that tell you there is a "registration fee" to sign up with them. Reputable agencies PAY YOU - not the other way around. Avoid agencies that say they are affiliated with any modeling school. Chances are they are actually only a recruiting office for the school, and will make NO EFFORT at all to help you find work once you complete their school.  DON'T TAKE A MODELING SCHOOL COURSE! Talk to photographers and reputable agencies in your area first. Most will tell you that the school isn't necessary for the kinds of models they hire! 

    Talk with other working models, or professional photographers that work in the modeling industry. There's no better way to learn than from the people that have come before you.LEARN TO HANDLE REJECTION !!! The hardest part of the modeling profession is being able to take rejection. You must be thick-skinned when it comes to model calls, casting calls or auditions. You will be rejected more times that you will be hired, and this is totally normal due to the number of people in the industry. 

    DON'T GIVE UP !!!  Once you start getting a few jobs, more people that do the hiring will know about you and things will get much better! Remember that YOU ARE UNIQUE! One thing we try hard to impress on all our models is to not be discouraged if you walk into a modeling call and see dozens of beautiful people that you think are much prettier than you are. Modeling is RARELY a beauty contest!! The casting directors are looking for a specific LOOK - and you may be exactly what they are looking for! 

    Introducing a fun NEW way to start!

    With the popularity and growth of the Internet, online agencies are popping up everywhere! Now even beginners can be assured of the kind of exposure that used to cost big money to get - with Online Models Listings like the one we have here. You will most often still have to produce your own photos for scanning, but a better way is to seek services like ours !!! 

    hussn will get you online FAST, What do I need to do?

    Getting online fast is EASY !!! Simply submit our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM at our web site with your Digital Image or for further inquiry email us.

    PLEASE NOTE   We post only professionally done photography. Please DO NOT send school pics or family snapshots. It doesn't do you (or us) any good to have people think you're not serious about modeling - a model that is serious will have many professional pics to show of herself. 

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