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Aquarius: 20 January - 19 February

Aquarian minds are aglow with utopian empires and progressive, inventive lifestyle alternatives. Aquarians are often brainy people, full of brilliance and visionary explosions, seeing so far ahead that they leave the present behind. Cool, aloof and independent - that's the Aquarian approach to life. Unlike most of the zodiac signs, Aquarius has two planets instead of one to look after it: Saturn to keep you cool and collected and Uranus to make you just that little bit special, a bit different from everybody else.

The characteristic Aquarian is far more mental than emotional. Therefore, Aquarians tend to be emotionally detached and more caught up in the idea of doing good rather than simply feeling. Often you are not aware of your feelings until it is too late. However, feelings always exist, whether or not you want to acknowledge them. Typical Aquarians often suppress feelings at the expense of a person or a relationship.

Eccentric, erratic and highly individualistic is the typical Aquarian business approach. The sign Aquarius is associated with the natural eleventh house, having to do with goals, aspirations and the group, as opposed to individual. This lends lofty perspectives to the thinking process and makes Aquarians exciting, inspiring and socially progressive.

Quite often brilliant, idealistic and possessing a futuristic brain, Aquarius is the sign of geniuses and lunatics, eccentrics and inventors. Thomas Edison was one such mind. Humanitarian and having a strong sense of social justice, Aquarius has to do with transpersonal concerns and large-scale causes. Curious and on a quest of truth and beauty in abstract forms, Aquarius is theoretical and philosophical, alive to ideas with implications that are formidable and far-reaching.

Independent and individualistic, Aquarius is in love with liberty and alert to the plight of the underprivileged. Desiring to outthink timeworn traditions and to revolutionize the mundane humdrum, the Aquarian mind is a spectacle of visions spontaneously taking shape. Progressive in vision and pervasive in scope, the classic Aquarian dream is for utopian splendor, devoid of social ills, injustice and irrational wrongs perpetuated by the status quo. The Aquarian mind is a prism for the human potential and positive social change. Aquarians long to free the world and establish peace and fellowship for all.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian embracing group, values and goals that are far reaching and filled with inspiration. Original and inventive, Aquarians are multi-talented and quite often artistic. Broad in outlook and often beyond their time, Aquarians seek a mode of self-expression that provides meaning and substance for their ideals. Often possessing stunning insights, Aquarians invite attention and intellectual exchange.

Aquarians are the friendliest people in the whole zodiac. The ideal life for you, as an Aquarian, is one where you have a lot of company, arranged in different circles- work, school friends, etc. You don't like to be too closely tied to one person; that would mean that you sacrificed your independence. Independence is the essential thing for you, you feel like you belong to anybody or that someone needs you in a special way. You are quite happy being yourself and by yourself. You are great fun to be around with. Anybody with a sense of adventure and who likes looking at things from an unusual viewpoint will find your self-assured, but friendly nature very attractive. You have a very modern outlook -you look to what comes next rather than what went before and that means an interest in new technology and inventions - but not much sense of history. That's another reason why you don't get along with Capricorns.

Although you stay cool about individual relationships you do get pretty heated about big issues. Many Aquarians are active campaigners for political and/or ecological movements and their views seem a little extreme to the rest of us. You are quite prepared to fight for your views and oppose any system which you feel is unfair.

Aquarian homes are usually rather modern and often in metal and glass style. You also like cars that are different from anybody else's such as a bright red sports car. The best food for you is light food which can be eaten in a single mouthful as you would rather talk than eat if you are in company. Aquarian style is an expression of your need for independence, to show that you are different and unique. Often, there is an element of shock in what you wear, something which is surprising and unexpected.

Pastimes with a technical side to them are always Aquarian favorites. Aquarians have a strong attraction to anything scientific and a love of machinery such as cars, motorcycles, aeroplanes etc. It is difficult to imagine the computer business without Aquarians. The logical thinking and the rather impersonal approach that the sign gives you are perfectly matched to the requirements of computer work.

Keywords: The glyph above represents the water carried by the jug of the "water bearer". Here we face themes of change, innovation, individuality, irreverence, freedom, surprises, originality, advancement, technology and the New Age. Aquarius is unique, rebellious, futuristic, independent, objective, intellectual, unpredictable, tolerant, eccentric, aloof, progressive, possessed of a wide perspective.

Best Qualities: Friendliness, Independence, Clear thinking
Worst Qualities: Emotional coolness, Eccentricity, Dislike of authority
Best Match: Libra
Worst Match: Cancer
Favorite Weakness: "Logical" reasons
Best Day: Saturday
Worst Day: Monday
Lucky Numbers: 11, 3, 4
Colors: Grey, Indigo, Electric blue
Birthstones: Chalcedony, Lapis lazuli
Trees: Willow, Yew
Flowers: Poppy, Nightshade
Herb: Sage

Metal: Lead

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