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Aries: 20 March - 20 April

Bright, dashing, energetic, sporty- that is what Arians are like. First sign of the zodiac, first to have to go and usually first to finish, Arians are never happier than when they have something to do. Your guiding planet, Mars, keeps you full of vitality and no sooner have you thought of something than you are off doing it. The Aries essence is the principle of acceleration personified. "Fast" is the word that governs all activities. Arians talk fast, think fast, move fast and have no patience for people who do not.

Arians thrive on challenge and are born leaders, eager to break through old barriers to watch their ideas take hold. The Arian nature is fiery, dynamic and fiercely determined to get their own way, regardless. Since you can be such an audacious, impassioned, overwhelming force to handle, you get your own way more often than not.

Emotionally, you are straightforward. You either like things or you don't and you are just the same with people. Like other fire signs- Leo and Sagittarius- you lack subtlety: if you want something (or somebody) you go for it, and if not you have no time for it at all. It is a constant surprise to you when you discover that somebody has lied to you, or that something is not quite what it seems; in your world everything is clear-cut, black and white and real enough to touch. When you meet deception and disappointment you are very upset, like a child who has had toys taken away for no reason. You also make a wonderful friend - strong, honest and uncomplicated. Anybody who needs a friend to understand their problems, though, or to be around as a shoulder to cry on; shouldn't choose you because that's not the friend you are. You are willing to sympathize with anyone who is upset yet you are uneasy in complex emotional situations.

Arians often have short memories as Aries is the sign of the immediate present: what interests you is what is happening right now, and once you have something which takes your attention, all thought of the past just vanishes.

Arians in love are strong, direct and very physical. You know what you want and you feel good- a typical straightforward Arian response. When you fall in love it's with all-consuming passion, a direct and uncomplicated desire to be with someone.

Arians are natural athletes. You are best in sports such as running, track and bodybuilding. You are less good in team games because you are impatient to get your turn or have the ball passed to you. You are more concerned with your own performance and in winning. Arians are also good at combat sports such as martial arts, wrestling or boxing.

Keywords: The glyph above symbolizes the horns of the charging Arian ram - plunging headfirst into life, spontaneous, impulsive, self-expressive. Here we have action, courage, self-expression, doing one's own thing, conflict and confrontation. Aries is assertive, brave, impetuous, energetic, self-oriented, pioneering, rash, competitive, rapid, eager, likes to be on one's own, lives in present.

Best qualities: Directness, Initiative, Energy
Worst qualities: Impatience, Self-centeredness, Aggressiveness
Best Match: Aquarius
Worst Match: Taurus
Favorite weakness: Fast cars
Best day: Tuesday
Worst day: Friday
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5
Color: Red
Birthstones: Ruby, Diamond
Trees: Thorn, Chestnut
Flower: Thistle
Vegetables: Onion, Radish
Metals: Iron, Steel 

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