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Cancer: 21 June - 22 July

Ruled by the tides of their fluctuating emotions, Cancers are moon people, mysterious as the sea at night, delicate as a moon beam shimmering on the surface of a still and haunted lake. Sometimes sensitive and compassionate, sometimes cold and cut off from the impringing world, Cancers are influenced by both the inner and outer atmosphere. Because it is ruled by the moon, Cancer is a complex sign: it is emotional, changeable, receptive, sensitive and subjective and often psychically attuned.

Cancerians care very deeply about their family and close friends. Once you have made a friend - they are there for ever. They may not know it, but you do. Caring for loved ones is something that Cancerians do better than anybody else. Some of this caring is expressed in a protective way. When one of your family or friends is hurt or threatened, you will fight on their behalf. Anyone who thinks that Cancerians are shy and withdRawn has never seen one defend a friend.

You can defend yourself, too. Think of the crab of the sign. Crabs back themselves into secure little holes under rocks and places like that. Any creature that comes near has to deal with the pincers before it can tackle the problem of the crab's position and even then there's its shell to consider. That's quite a firm defence system and Cancerians work in exactly the same way. When threatened, you retreat into a safe position; if the threat continues, you snap your pincers. When real trouble occurs, you defend your position with real tenacity.

Your outer shell is easy to see, but few people understand what's inside it. That's how you like it, for the most part and only people allowed to get close enough to find out are those whom you trust completely. Inside that shell is a very emotional creature indeed. As mentioned, Cancer is governed by the Moon and you will find that your emotions go in phases too, reacting to the Moon's monthly cycles. You are extremely sensitive to what is said to you and it is this sensitivity which makes you able to understand the needs of others when they are depressed or uncertain- it is the root of your capacity for care. Yet, despite all this care and consideration, Cancerians are far more successful and assertive than a lot of people. You are actually quite good at making the first move, at doing what has to be done and at staying with something for as long is necessary to see it through completion.

A Cancerian home is a retreat from the world. You are safe there and you can do as you please - your home is private. Your home is full of your personal things, collected over the years and each with a special memory or a story attached to it. Incredibly sentimental, you hate to throw away love letters or little gifts that bring back memories of the past.

Many Cancerians find themselves working in the caring professions, nursing, advising and helping those who are ill or in trouble. Cancerians have tremendous talents for caring and general management. Cancer is a cardinal sign and so many of you have excellent leadership skills and have a real talent dealing with people.

You need someone who is your equal in bed and out. Someone who has a shoulder as strong as yours when things go wrong and who makes you laugh on the days you feel down. In return you'll be the perfect dream lover too and never want to roam.

Keywords: The glyph above represents the crab. Here we have nourishing, nurturing, children, the home, emotional needs, vulnerability, desire for attachment, sensitivity. Cancer is warm, dependent, sympathetic, protective, security-oriented, maternal, patriotic, retentive, helpful, moody, domestic, touchy (easily hurt), focused on family.

Best Qualities: Sympathy, Protectiveness, Dependability
Worst Qualities: Touchiness, Possessiveness, Inability to take objective view
Best Match: Taurus
Worst Match: Gemini
Best Day: Monday
Worst Day: Wednesday
Favorite Weakness: Worrying about things
Lucky Numbers: 4, 9
Colors: White, Silver, all pearlescent finishes
Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone
Tree: Willow
Flowers: Lily, White rose
Vegetables: Cabbage, Lettuce
Metal: Silver 

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