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Capricorn: 21 December - 20 January

"I am therefore I am" might be the best way to sum up the Capricorn nature Capricorns are terribly serious about everything they undertake and that is because they take themselves so seriously.

A born executive with sky-high goals, Capricorn is the epitome of ambition and accomplishment. Driven beyond high ambition, this is a sign that doesn't believe in giving up. Patient, enduring and steadfast in the face of obstacles, Capricorns instinctively understands the value of time. This is the sign that can outwait all opposition and then confidently move in for the kill. Invariably, Capricorn gets what it wants because you go about it the right ways. Hardworking, highly organized, diligent, down to earth and quietly determined, Capricorns make great tycoons, business chieftains, politicians, presidents and entrepreneurs.

The Capricorn mind is intrinsically materialistic. You value your possessions like some people value their children. You are also most comfortable in a position of authority and assume this whenever possible. Capricorns are born climbers who make it to the top. Like everything else, Capricorns take their status very seriously and never tire of their material rewards. Having an eye for fine quality, you enjoy the luxury of owning the best. To the Capricorn mind, excellence is always its own reward.

Strongly believing in clear distinctions of "right" and "wrong", you see things in black and white and stick to this stance regardless of new information. The archetypal Capricorn does not delve into psychological factors or emotional complexities. Sticking to the facts and getting to the point, you ascertain quite simply that something either works or it doesn't. And that is as deep as you care to go.

You're a rather detached, cool character, for the most part. You Capricorns and your neighbors Aquarians, are notably detached. You are cool emotionally, in that you don't get excited and flustered when things start to happen a bit faster than expected and you are this way in relationships too. Don't think that you don't have feelings - you do; but they are not on the surface and not expressed. You know what you want and you know how to get it; you also know that getting in a spin won't help, so you don't let yourself get that way.

It is all Saturn's doing. This is the planet that looks after your sign. Saturn moves very slowly around the sky and it gives the Capricorn a state of mind that works in very long periods of time. Many of you Capricorns often think about where you will be in five or ten years' time. Power, position, reputation; these are the things that you want. You are capable of doing the work involved, so there is no problem; it is simply a matter of time and effort before you can reach to the top of your field.

Saturn also gives you endurance, the ability to keep going for a long period of time, for as long as it takes. If achieving your ambitions takes years, then so be it; but you will get there in the end and you will win too.

Your way of seeing things as being part of a structure, with everything in its place, extends into time as well. Tradition is important to you and it has to do with generations doing things for those still to come. Your sense of tradition and duty comes into your personal life too. You do not always like short-term relationships because it seems such a waste to spend several months of time, money and effort on something that won't last.

Ambitious, determined, hardworking - that's the essence of Capricorn and it's due to Saturn. This makes you a winner in the long term and keeps you on course although sometimes you feel prevented from taking pleasure from things which occur on the spur of the moment.

Cars are important to a Capricorn; more important, perhaps than to any other sign. Status symbols are important to you and your car has to be a status symbol and far more superior than others. No matter how brilliantly it performed, you could never be persuaded to buy a car which is small, cheap or less lavishly equipped. You will always find yourself looking at a bigger engine or exclusive paintwork. You want a car to remind you, every time you get in it, of how fine a person you are and how well you deserve a car as fine as it is.

Compared to the high importance you attach your cars, you pay relatively little attention to your food. Often you will go without food if you are too busy to take a break and when you do , you will make do with something simple.

Capricorns don't have a lot of time for sports as you spend a lot of time working. It is true that your career means more to you than any other part of your life, but that doesn't mean that you never do anything for your own amusement. What you prefer are games for one player, where toughness and endurance are required. You enjoy running, rock-climbing, long-distance cycling and marathon running. When forced to stay indoors, you read history and biography; the struggles and successes of those who have made it to the top before you. This satisfies you more than any piece of fiction.

Keywords: The glyph above represents the goat. The themes of this sign relate to endurance, effort, dedication, and an upward push. Here we face achievement, cause-and-effect, guilt, limits, demands and duties of the real world, career, status, reality, law, time, authorities, consequences and common sense. Capricorn is responsible, formal, traditional, career-oriented, cautious, inhibited, hardworking, scrupulous, conventional, status-seeking, economical, businesslike.

Best Qualities: Capacity for hard work, Endurance, Sense of duty
Worst Qualities: Seriousness, Meanness, Lack of imagination
Best Match: Scorpio
Worst Match: Sagittarius
Favorite Weakness: Status symbols
Best Day: Saturday
Worst Day: Thursday
Lucky Numbers: 10, 3, 4
Colors: Black, Grey, Dark green
Birthstones: Onyx, Lapis lazuli
Trees: Willow, Yew
Flowers: Poppy, Nightshade
Herb: Sage
Metal: Lead 

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