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Gemini: 21 May - 21 June

Variety- that's the Gemini motto. Never willing to stay with one thing for too long, Gemini wants up-to-the minute information about everything. To you, the world is full of people talking to each other and you want to be part of every conversation. Conferencing, telephones, multi-screen video and round-the-clock new ideas; gruesome for most people, but paradise for a Gemini.

People born under this sign are smart and glib, social and superficially clever. Gemini is the sign of communication and most Geminis can talk their way out of a maximum-security prison. The essence of Gemini are the thoughts in your head. For a Gemini, the important thing is to think and talk. Geminis need to feed their minds; you get hungry for new ideas and new experiences and above all for new people to talk to. You are insatiably curious; you love to see and hear new things and you like to turn a new idea this way and that in your imagination to see what it has to offer you. You do the same with words too, twisting what people say to see if it sounds any better another way around.

One of the things that the eleven signs have difficulty with is just how fast your mind works. You are so quick on the uptake that you have taken the idea on board before they have finished the sentence which says essentially the same things you are likely to turn it round or alter its meaning in your response, just for something to do because you have become bored already - in a matter of seconds. It is a full time job for you to keep your mind supplied with new things and you have the sort of job where if you don't see many people, then you have difficulties keeping yourself amused. In which case you probably recognize the problem already and keep yourself busy with books, magazines and puzzles.

Master of the fast line, Geminis are comedians and copywriters, journalists and perceptive commentators on whatever is au courant. Easily bored and infinitely restless, they tend to leave a lot of unfinished projects in their path. Mercury is the smallest planet which in astrology looks after everything which is intellectual, fast-moving or both. Assigned to Gemini it shows how quick your mind works and how it likes to move on to the next thing, never staying in one place for more than a moment. Emotionally, however, Mercury is cold; it can't show feelings, only thoughts.

Geminis have tremendous talents. You are bright, clever, sharp, good talkers and you are fast. What you are not, as already mentioned, is sentimental or emotionally sensitive. There is a reason for this and it has to do with two things, astrologically. The first is that Gemini is an Air sign and the second is that Gemini is one of the signs of the planet Mercury.

Therefore, Geminis are quixotic and not terribly dependable. The Gemini mind moves in its own concentric circles and whatever slides over the idiosyncratic line will quickly be cancelled out. Geminis use wit, charm and self-righteous reason to get their own way and it usually works.

There are many things that Geminis can do that others can't, or as easily. For a start, you can read anything. That does not sound too difficult, but what about reading music, shorthand or a foreign language with such quickness? Geminis have talents for word puzzles, languages and reading.

Spare time is a problem for you. Most people are too willing to sit still and do nothing, but not you- you get fidgety and start looking around for something to do. You are quite capable of reading the paper and watching television at the same time. You probably phone your friends while you are doing both of these; it helps keep your mind busy.

It is often said that Geminis are schizophrenic, simply because the constellation for your sign has two people (the twins) in it. This may be attributed to having Mercury as your assigned planet so that you are certainly changeable in outlook and are quite capable of being happy in the morning and depressed in the afternoon.

Keywords: The glyph above represents the twins, Castor and Pollux. Here we have communication, learning, mental stimulation, curiosity, mimicry, movement, variety, youthfulness, choices, information, dexterity and multiple interests. Gemini is fluent, versatile, intermittent, clever, nimble, quick-witted, adaptable, scattered, gossipy, light-hearted, superficial, articulate.

Best qualities: Mental agility, Flexibility, Communicative nature
Worst qualities: Changeability, Lack of sympathy, Lack of concentration
Best Match: Leo
Worst Match: Pisces
Favorite Weakness: Gambling
Best day: Wednesday
Worst day: Friday
Lucky Numbers: 3, 8
Colors: Yellow, all muticolor mixtures
Birthstones: Agate, Marcasite
Tree: Walnut
Flower: Lavender

Herbs: Caraway seed, Marjoram
Metal: Mercury

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