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Leo: 22 July - 23 August

Leo isn't just a star sign - it's the star sign, the sign of the stars. Every Leo knows that they are the show, the center of attention, the natural number one. Leo is at the center of the zodiac in the same way that the Sun is at the center of the solar system and being a Leo gives you all the qualities of the Sun - you are warm, radiant and loved by almost everybody. You can light up a room by being in it, in the same way that the Sun can light up a dull day by coming out of the clouds. Any party is a better party when the Leo arrives- things are somehow dull without you.

Leos are natural winners and you get your way through an interesting blend of selfishness and generosity. It works as follows: you know that you are quiet simply the best person imaginable. Self-doubt, self-criticism, shyness and reticence were all left out of the recipe somewhere when you were made - they simply do not occur in the sign of Leo.

Personality is the Leo strong point. When so desiring, the Leo charm can tame serpents and turn the world at large into an adoring enclave. At best you give off a scintillating sort of radiance. You are positive, enthusiastic, spirited, dynamic and larger than life. Leos are highly self-centered however, you manage to pull it off with an air that usually doesn't offend anyone because you are so generous and enthusiastic. Along with this comes a sense of humor that is dazzling and childlike.

Leo is the sign of the child and when provoked, you can be enormously childish. If pushed too far, Leo can be like a vociferous member of the terrible twos. During such moments no one else exists. However the storm usually does not last long. The clouds are impatiently blown away and once again the sun comes out.

Leos are also terrific organizers. Kings, chairman, governors, leaders of all kinds: they all require Leonine qualities and it is much easier to be one than become one.

Leo homes are like palaces which is only to be expected from the royal sign. Only the best is good enough for you and at home you like to remind yourself of how fine a person you are, especially when the world has been giving you a hard time. There is nothing in your house which is small and dainty. Your taste in furniture is traditional but large and definitely luxurious!

Leos have a hearty appetite and a liking for good food. Fire signs are the zodiac's meat-eaters and that includes you of course. With an appetite as big as you are likely to be quite solidly built. Whatever you eat it has to be of the finest quality.

Unwilling to change, slightly lazy and a little pompous, but mostly, Leo, you are what we all need and life would be a darker and colder place without you.

Keywords: The glyph above represents the lion. Leo rules procreation and creativity. Here we have approval, dignity, recognition, applause, romance, dynamism, magnetism, pride/shame, limelight, extroversion, impact, larger-than-life themes and stage presence. Leo is creative, risk-taking, charismatic, fun-loving, generous, exciting, dramatic, proud, self-confident, childish, ambitious, arrogant, self-conscious (fears ridicule), enthusiastic.

Best qualities: Zest for life, Generosity, Ability to organize and lead
Worst Qualities: Pride, Extravagance, Self-centeredness
Best Match: Gemini
Worst Match: Capricorn
Favorite Weakness: Playing to the crowd
Best Day: Sunday
Worst Day: Saturday
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 1
Colors: Gold, Rich reds and purples, Royal colors
Birthstone: Diamond
Tree: Ash
Flowers: Poppy, Marigold
Fruits: All citrus fruits
Metal: Gold 

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