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Libra: 23 September - 23 October

In many respects, Libra is a sign of paradox. Librans sprout from a series of contradictions: self versus non-self, mental versus emotional, pleasure versus pathos, helpfulness versus helplessness, generosity versus greed, kindness versus coldness, control versus chaos. Underneath the smiling face and stellar charm lies a character with many ambivalences.

Librans can be conciliatory. However you can also be argumentative. You can be generous and gracious. You can also be selfish and determined to receive at any cost. You can be diplomatic but you can also be insulting and provoking. You can be enormously kind but you can be the opposite too. You can be as cold, remote and uncaring as a terrorist aiming a machine gun but you can also be peacemakers who love beauty and harmony. You can also be extremely ugly and vicious when turned outside with rage. This is because the scales tip two ways - such is the true nature of Libra.

Libras have an unsurpassed talent for bringing out the beauty in life. You relish in beauty in all forms. This is because the planet of your sign, Venus, is one of love and beauty. The classic Libra personality is highly perceptive and alert to all the seductive subtleties of life. Librans also love luxury.

Justice and fairness are very important to a Libran and you will argue and debate your views with much tenacity. You are able to see both sides of an argument and with you talent for logic, razor-sharp intelligence, supported by excellent communication skills you are apt to win nearly every debate. Given this, it is not surprising that Librans make excellent lawyers, diplomats, counselors, politicians etc. With an eye for beauty and with a refined aesthetic sense, many of you are very talented in the arts such as music and writing.

You are very people-oriented so you may have many friends and acquaintances and Venus your planet will make sure that you are generally popular. Relationships are important to you and you form special relationships with many different people that you meet. This makes you in much demand socially and you also make a perfect host/hostess. You have a knack of making each person you talk to believe that he or she is somehow special and is the only person in the world who matters to you. And you like flirting too!

Libra is the sign of balance and the idea of balance is very important to you. You don't like it when there is too much of something in your life- too much work, too many bills to pay, even little things like too much color when you're choosing clothes or too much furniture on one side of the room. Wherever there is imbalance, you feel compelled to do what you can to restore the correct proportions.

Libra is also a cardinal sign which is a sign of leadership so you can be powerfully determined, ambitious and aggressive to get you want. You are very good at handling people therefore you make excellent bosses. Many political leaders have been Librans.

Even though balance and symmetry is important to you, this is not always the way you are emotionally. You can be quite temperamental at times and actually rather explosive when you lose your temper if you are pushed too far. All your charm vanishes in a flash when you explode. Have you ever seen a calm hurricane or tornado? Not only the fire signs have a "fiery" temper - the air signs can also blow off steam from time to time and Libra is no exception.

Your style in clothes, cars and homes have one thing in common- you are concerned about the way they look. They have to be attractive to look at. Librans always look wonderful in whatever they wear. You also like the food that you eat to look appealing and appetizing. The visual aspect of what you wear, eat, places you travel to, your partner etc. is important to you.

Keywords: The glyph represents the scales pointing to the importance of balance and harmony. Here we have themes of equality, beautifying, alternatives/choices, dualities, comparison, compromises, the legal system, love, appearances, aesthetics. Libra is cooperative, diplomatic, fence-setting, competitive, charming, easily deterred, refined, sociable, placating, coequal.

Best qualities: Friendliness, Fairness, Gracefulness
Worst Qualities: Indecisiveness, Laziness
Best Match: Sagittarius
Worst Match: Virgo
Best Day: Friday
Worst Day: Wednesday
Favorite Weakness: Romance
Lucky Number: 7
Colors: Sky blue, Leaf green, Pink
Birthstone: Sapphire
Trees: Ash, Cypress
Flowers: Lily, Foxglove, Violet
Herb: Mint
Metal: Copper

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