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Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Sensitive, imaginative, intuitive - but indecisive, changeable and unrealistic too and that's what Pisces is and more. There are two planets specifically associated with the sign, Jupiter and Neptune. Both of these planets lend their energies to expanding the imagination and letting your feelings run free. No wonder the other signs seem dutiful and dull in comparison.

Pisces is the sign of the psychic, the healer, the intuitive who is in tune with the synchronicities of the universe. Pisces nature is emotional, sensitive and subjective. Your imagination and intelligence are subtly insightful. The Pisces soul is one of mystery and longing. As mentioned, Pisces is a sign that deeply reflects its ruler, Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, romanticism and phantasmagoria, compassion, sympathy and the supernatural.

The Pisces mind is like no other. Like a vast, swirling ocean, the Piscean inner world is a rich tapestry of impressions and sensations, some brilliantly intuitive, others fleeting flights of fancy. Yet all are unique in some way. To walk down the street with a Pisces friend is like entering a magic realm. What the Pisces mind does not see, it will invent. Rush-hour traffic turns into a floating opera, the entrance to a bank becomes the portal of an enchanted castle etc. Therefore, the Piscean mentality does well in the arts where you can create. You have the ability to see both what is there and what is not there.

The genius inherent in the Pisces experience is the understanding that one does not have to be anything, yet can be everything. This is because you have a wondrous sense of possibility in the midst of a sea of limitation. Pisces is a mysterious, fluid, changeable sign that is never completely at home on the earth, always quietly yearning for an experience of exaltation or spiritual completion. It is this search for something more, for infinite possibility, that comes to define the Piscean individuality.

Pisceans are sensitive to absolutely anything - the slightest hint of emotion in a snatch of conversation, the color of your surroundings, the feeling of your clothes. To be as sensitive as this obviously makes you emotionally vulnerable. The other two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio have developed hard outer shells so that they hide their feelings, just like animals of their signs; but what do Piscean fish do? Swim away of course. Your defense against things which make you uncomfortable is simply to run away - to escape. Escapism is a profound need in the Piscean personality. The great thing about a Piscean , which none of the down-to-earth or practical signs ever understand, is that things are only real to you if you believe them to be so - when reality is painful, you can replace it with an imaginative fantasy and believe in that until things get better. Only Pisces has this internal escape route.

Your two biggest talents are sympathy and imagination. When someone is suffering or in pain, you can feel it strongly because you are so sensitive. Your response is immediate sympathy. This is why many Pisceans work in medicine, pharmacy and nursing. Your imagination shows itself in just about every field of artistic activity. You have a way with words and images and associations that they bring to mind which is the best in the zodiac. The industries which depend on presenting attractive images - film, television, magazines, advertising - all need Pisceans to come up with the right idea. Therefore, the most glamorous Piscean occupations are in the world of theatre or in the media. Pisceans make marvelous artists, painters, photographers, film directors, actors, writers, musicians, psychotherapists, healers, helpers and mystics.

Pisceans and alcoholic liquor go together naturally. Many Pisceans are more prone than any other sign to become alcoholics. Alcohol changes your emotional state and you enjoy the intensified emotions that it produces.

Water plays an important part in your holiday plans. Rivers, lakes, sea - you like them to play an important part of your holiday environment. The sound of water is soothing to your mind. Water sports of all kinds attract you. Pisceans are not the athletes of the zodiac although you do enjoy swimming and dancing which are better suited to your flowing movements.

Keywords: The glyph above is a stylized rendition of two fish, swimming in opposite directions. Here we have themes revolving around absolutes, absorption, liquids, healing, psychic talents, pilgrimages, sacraments, unity, visions, romance, empathy, miracles. Pisces is compassionate, mystical, illusory, sensitive, spiritual, dreamy, artistic, passive, sacrificial, intuitive, charitable, impractical, escapist, inspirational.

Best Qualities: Imagination, Sensitivity, Easy-going
Worst Qualities: Impressionability, Indecisiveness, Lack of willpower or endurance
Best Match: Cancer
Worst Match: Aries
Favorite Weakness: Day dreaming
Best Day: Thursday
Worst Day: Wednesday
Lucky Numbers: 12, 4, 3
Birthstones: Amethyst, Opal, Turquoise
Trees: Ash, Lime
Herbs: Cloves, Nutmeg
Flowers: Water-lily, Samphire
Metals: Tin, Pewter
Colors: Purple, Turquoise, Greeny-blues 

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