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Sagittarius: 22 November- 21 December

One of the luckiest signs by far, natives of this sign never worry and never need to. Sagittarians have flair, talent, imagination and the ability to come out of the tightest scrapes sunny side up and smiling. It's all because of the influence through your sign of the planet Jupiter. You Sagittarians are big people even when you're small (which isn't often!). You are big-hearted, big-boned and have big ideas. You are also big spenders and sometimes big-headed, but it doesn't seem to matter. This is because each and every one of you is full of the energy of the planet Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system. Jupiter gives us the word "jovial": there is something about Jupiter's influence that makes us smile no matter what.

Jupiter is essentially good-natured and it travels a large expanse of the solar system. Therefore, Sagittarians are often good-natured and enjoy traveling a lot. Sagittarians are excited by the prospect of anything new, especially if it comes from far away. The romance of travel for its own sake is particularly yours; you can't think of anything worse than living in the same place for the rest of your life. Staying still, putting down roots and building a cozy family life sounds dreadful to an adventurer like you - new people and new experiences are what you long for.

There are two basic types of Sagittarians. First there are the intellectual types who read books on anything and everything. Novels, travel, history, anything at all. You are probably good at languages; you are the sort who can learn a language from waiters while you are on holiday. The second sort of Sagittarian is the sporty and active sort. If it involves movement, you do it. Riding, skiing, football, basketball, motorized sports appeal to you.

Sagittarians have difficulty seeing anything on a small scale - you are full of grand ideas and wonderful schemes, but the little details that make them work are too small for you to grasp and you make mistakes. Spending time with fiddly things annoys you - you are impatient to be finished and onto the next thing. Rather than take your time with a project you're likely to leave it behind or do without it altogether. The same thing happens at work. You can see the principles and the eventual aim of the job at once, but the details which have to be learned so that it is performed properly don't interest you and although you ought to be able to master them with your eyes almost closed, you make silly slips because you have become bored.

One of the greatest qualities that you have is optimism. It never really crosses your mind that things won't turn out well in the end for you. Whenever you're down or when outside pressures are making life a bit of a squeeze, you can always find something to catch your attention and lift your spirits and more often than not use it to provide a solution to your difficulties. Sagittarians seem to have the never-failing streak of luck in the form of Jupiter which never lets you down. Knowing that you will always manage somehow, means that you get to be more careless with yourself and your efforts than you might be, whereas other signs work hard and save their earnings for rainy days. Opportunities come to you and often you tend to be in the right place at the right time and therefore, the typical Sagittarian tends to be very lucky.

That same optimism applies to your personal relationships, too. When you're in love, you give your partner everything you've got, like a big, boisterous puppy and it's sometimes a bit much for the other person to take. It's not that they don't like you, but your enthusiasm is rather overwhelming, especially in the first stages of a relationship. As is the case, you are naive about emotions at times. This is because you don't need anyone else as an emotional support, thanks to Jupiter. Nor do you want anyone to be dependant on you; you like the freedom to chase after new ideas, new people and new places. What you're really after is someone who likes your company as much as you like theirs and who is with you because they think it's fun.

Sagittarians do not like anyone or anything to diminish their sense of freedom. Sagittarians always want to feel free to make choices and to move in any direction that suits them. Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, bound only by your beliefs. Sagittarians have expansive minds and are eager to learn and experience, always restless and impatient to move ahead.

Deep inside, Sagittarians believe they can do anything they want. "No" is a foreign word in your vocabulary. You don't believe that words of limitations belong to you. Therefore they are left free for the consuming quest of your personal utopia.

In the natural horoscope, Sagittarius is associated with the ninth house of adventure, higher philosophy, religion, travel and foreign lands. The ninth house is also the house of knowledge, values, beliefs and ideals. Thus the archetypal Sagittarian mind seeks to live through or move toward something greater. Sagittarians tend not to see life as it is but how they would like it to be.

The Sagittarian mind is like a restless child's. It is fresh and alive, idealistic and expectant. There is an inherent buoyancy in the Sagittarian nature which makes even boring moments in life seem like highly amusing anecdotes. And this brings us to the Sagittarian charm. The typical Sagittarian has a lot of it and it serves them well. Sagittarians can be memorable rascals or deeply thinking philosophers, adventurers and entertainers. Whatever they are momentarily, they are invincibly charming. You can make an adventure of a rainy day or a comedy out of what appears to be a miserable situation.

Sagittarians are the comedians of the zodiac. You can see the funny side of every situation. Sagittarians can also be pranksters and clever witty caricaturists, stand-up comedians and the most rapid tongue-in-cheek deliverers of a witty line. Humor is part of the great Sagittarian life adventure. It gives breath to the banal. It startles. It expands.

Food to you is fuel, something that you need to keep up your life style. You enjoy it and you like eating it but it has to be said that you would probably enjoy it more if you ate it more slowly; Sagittarians wolf down their food. Like the other two Fire signs, Aries and Leo, your appetite could be described as "hearty" - you enjoy substantial meals and lots of meat.

Sagittarians, along with Arians, are the great sportsmen of the zodiac. Sagittarians are team members, preferring to play in company. Many kinds of sports appeal to you such as motorized sports, rugby, football, equestrian sports, cross-country running etc.

Keywords: The glyph above shows the arrow loosened from the bow of the centaur (half-man/ half-horse) who represents the quest for knowledge and truth. Here we see themes of trust, faith, world views, religion, philosophy, education, travel, expanded horizons, wide influence, prosperity, exaggeration, expectations, opportunities, extravagance, understanding. Sagittarius is benevolent, optimistic, athletic, enthusiastic, idealistic, freedom-loving, blunt, overindulgent, broad-minded, just.

Best Qualities: Intelligence, Optimism, Honesty
Worst Qualities: Carelessness, Tactlessness, Trusting to luck
Best Match: Libra
Worst Match: Capricorn
Favorite Weakness: Traveling
Best Day: Thursday
Worst Day: Saturday
Lucky Numbers: 9, 4, 3
Colors: Deep blue, Purple
Birthstones: Amethyst, Zircon
Tree: Oak
Flowers: Dandelions, Violet
Spices: Cloves, Nutmeg

Metals: Tin, Pewter 

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