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Taurus: 20 April - 21 May

Kind, caring, unhurried, dependable: these are the words to describe a Taurean friend. Everybody needs a Taurean in their life somewhere: they are the ones you can rely on, the ones who are loyal and unchanging. They are also the ones who refuse to move from what they see as their territory and whose stubbornness will have anybody else close to tears: a Taurean won't budge.

In most families, it is the Taurus who is the rock of Gibralter, the shoulder for all to lean on, the one who is unflappable in the midst of utter madness. Taureans sometimes suffer from being the caregiver in their families yet their poised, grounded, placid approach to problems makes them the likely candidate for such jobs.

Taureans are like the bull which is the animal of your sign. Bulls are usually in a field on their own; they don't roam around that much, but nobody is any doubt whose field it is and most people would rather walk round it than cross it uninvited. You Taureans have a strong sense of what is yours and you like the familiar feel of them.

There is a wonderful sense of quiet, steady care which seems to radiate from Taureans. You seem to want to look after things, to keep them safe and secure. In a perfect world everything would be well fed and nothing would ever change or or go away. Taurus is archetypal earth, steady and enduring, solid as the ground beneath one's feet. By nature Taureans are strong, basic, practical and uncomplicated in their approach to life.

Taureans are loyal and loving in pragmatic ways that promote positive feelings. Builders of bonds, nests and families, Taureans know instinctively how to make a house a home and can turn a dark corner into a cozy nook. Hospitable and a gifted creator of culinary delights, Taureans entertain with a sensuous savoir-faire that makes dinner guests want to move in.

Taurus is a material sign, concerned with what is tangible and taken with appearances that are pleasing to the eye. Taureans take great pleasure in their possessions. To many Taurean women, fur coats are not luxuries, they are necessities. Taureans have a way of consuming their own possessions or preserving and cherishing them like objects of art.

Taureans love food more than any other sign. To you, food is like life itself and something which provides you with a very deep and lasting pleasure. The most highly developed of the five senses in a Taurean are taste and touch and eating is one way of using both of them at once. Taureans feed their souls as well as their bodies by eating.

Taureans are better suited to working with realities than with ideas, so if you can find yourself a job with a real product, where you are actually making or producing something, you will be happy. You like to work with your hands and they are where your talent lies because your sense of touch is the best in the zodiac. You also like things which are going to last and things of quality which are well made.

As lovers, Taureans are very loyal, lovable and sensuous. Taureans love to hug and cuddle. Their favorite music and food can slowly lead to heated passion in bed. They do not like to rush when making love. They like to take their time!

Keywords: The glyph above represents the head of the bull, who may be contentedly smelling flowers and enjoying life's sensual pleasures. Here we have comfort, fondness, possessions, money, sensuality, products, persistence, patience, stability, indulgence, inertia and acceptance. Taurus is deliberate, dependable, placid, easygoing, loyal, thorough, stubborn, money-oriented, practical and artistic.

Best qualities: Patience, Determination, Endurance
Worst qualities: Stubbornness, Greediness, Possessiveness
Best Match: Cancer
Worst Match: Aries
Favorite weakness: Food
Best day: Friday
Worst day: Tuesday
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Colors: Green, Pink
Birthstones: Emerald, Topaz
Trees: Sycamore, Apple
Flowers: Rose, Lily
Fruit: Apple, Peach

Metal: Copper 

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