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Virgo: 23 August - 23 September

Virgos are selfless people who will do anything to help anybody else. They are painstaking and neat, they are usually cleaner, healthier and tidier than the rest of us and they are patient. Virgoan sympathy is subtle rather than sentimental; it is practically oriented and prepared for action. In a crisis, Virgos can be called upon to function through a mental framework that few can successfully master. A substantial force in the face of sickness, death and severe depression, they can heal as well as help immeasurably. Reliable, responsible and dutiful, Virgo is the breath and light of a better person who thinks, discriminates and displays compassion quietly.

Highly intelligent, Virgos also possess a clever, sarcastic sense of humor that shows an awareness of yourself and others. You are also very observant and have an eye for detail. This is of course how you get your reputation for being fussy and nitpicking - you can see things that other people miss. You are a perfectionist and details are important to you.

All the qualities of the Virgo character come from the same source; the planet Mercury. Mercury is a small, quick and clever, but short of bulk and weight and rather dry emotionally. Mercury's people such as Virgos, tend to be the same way. As mentioned you have a wonderful eye for detail; Mercury's quick and clever qualities make your mind very perceptive and observant. You are keen to learn how things work, how they should be done and the best way to do them. Then you practise until you have mastered the skills necessary to do whatever you have to do - perfectly.

It takes patience to learn how to do things well, but you have plenty of that, because to you the end result is worth it. You have to understand how things are supposed to be done before you can understand them for yourself. You like to use the skills you have learned to help others. Therefore, in many ways Virgos like to serve and it so happens that they serve exceedingly well. Virgos make excellent doctors and nurses, psychologists, healers and high level aides in many different areas. Possessing a keen mind, sharp perceptiveness and a patient penchant for detail you are highly gifted at organiZing others and doing behind-the-scenes work.

There is a painstaking quality to the Virgoan performance that might put a Renaissance iconographer to shame. It is part of the perfectionism that this sign is commonly known for. Virgo is the sign of the master artisan who cares about what he or she is creating. Virgos make the most marvelous artists and architects, possessing an innate eye for detail, perspective, structure and form.

At their best Virgos have impeccable taste and a refined sense of style that they communicate with considerable refinement. Virgo style can be summed up using four words: small, classic, neat, subdued. Virgo colors are dark greens, dark blues and grays.

All Virgos worry about their health. If there is a health food shop near you or a pharmacist, then you will be a familiar figure to the proprietors of both; you seem to enjoy vitamins and medicines in equal amounts. Virgos also have a reputation for being fussy eaters or health food freaks. What actually happens is that you try to ensure that the food you eat is the highest quality. You tend to eat food that is unprocessed, fresh and have quality in the cooking and presentation. This is how Virgos get their reputation for being fussy eaters. It isn't fussiness at all; it's just a search for the highest possible quality. Many Virgos are vegetarians and natural food is what you like best - lots of fruit and vegetables.

On holiday you like places with hills, trees and greenery. The most Virgoan country in Europe is Switzerland. It has the perfect blend of high mountains and green farmlands and it has a brisk, clean flavour which is something to your liking. There are several cities which are connected to zodiac signs and it seems that Virgo has more than a share of the world's most beautiful places. Both Paris and Lyons in France are Virgo places and so is Heidelberg in Germany. Across the Atlantic, Boston is a Virgo while Norwich claims the sign in Britain. A holiday in any of the cities of your sign is sure to delight you.

Virgos enjoy physical exercise, but they don't enjoy direct competition, so team games are not as popular with you. The most popular Virgo sports are those where the body movement is regular and rhythmical and where one of the benefits is fresh air, walking of all kinds and cycling. Virgos have a special fondness for the bicycle: it suits the physique of the sign and its clean and efficient mechanical simplicity have a direct appeal to the Virgo mind.

Keywords: The glyph above represents the virgin. The constellation Virgo shows a virgin with a sheaf of wheat. Virgo is associated with green, growing things, as well as with work and health. Here we deal with cleansing, order, tasks, productivity, efficiency, skepticism, results, service, the correcting flaws and job routines. Virgo is work-oriented, painstaking, pragmatic, exacting, discreet, industrious, nit-picking, pedantic, methodical, detail-oriented, concerned and health/cleanliness.

Best qualities: Patience, Perception, Talent for skilled work
Worst qualities: Fault-finding, Narrow-mindedness, Intolerance
Best Match: Cancer
Worst Match: Aquarius
Favorite Weakness: Self-punishment
Best Day: Wednesday
Worst Day: Thursday
Lucky Numbers: 6, 8
Colors: Navy blue, Muted greens, Grey
Birthstones: Green onyx
Tree: Hazel
Flowers: Azalea, Lily of the Valley
Herbs: Parsley, Marjoram, Caraway
Metal: Quicksilver

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