Malik Barkat Ali


Malik Barkat All was born in Lahore in 1886. He started his career as Lecturer in English, Former Christian College, Lahore; later he became Professor of English, Islamia College, Lahore. He then appeared in the Provincial Civil Services Examination and topped. He was appointed as an Extra Assistant Commissioner in 1908 but he resigned from the PCS in 1914 and took to Journalism and was appointed Editor of 'Observer', a bi-weekly paper from Lahore, While at the job he passed LLB and again topped. Malik Barkat Ali started practising law in 1920. He soon turned into a very successful Lawyer and remained Vice President High Court Bar Association for many years.

Malik Barkat Ali became Member Reforms Committee, All India Muslim League (8th Session, Bombay, Dec. 1915-Jan. 1916). He was also a member of the Committee to discuss Congress-League Scheme (10th session, Calcutta, Dec. 1917-Jan. 1918). He wanted the Congress League Scheme to be put into action immediately. He wanted full responsible Government in India. Malik Barkat Ali was a Member of the Committee to frame a scheme of constitutional advancement (17th Session, Aligarh, Dec. 1925) and also a Member Provincial Committee on Reforms (18th Session, Delhi, Dec. 1926). He was an active Member of the Muslim League Delegation to the All Parties Convention called by the Indian National Congress (2Oth Session, Calcutta.

In the 1937 elections. apart from Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan. he was the only candidate to have succeeded in winning a seat for the Muslim League.

He was Member of the A.I.M.L. Working Committee which held its meeting at Mamdot Villa on March 22, 1940 which, under the President-ship of Quaid-e-Azam, approved the draft of Pakistan Resolution.

He died in 1946:


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