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Installing Windows 95 from CD-ROM
  • Software Installation

  • General 
    When installing Windows 95, each screen typically gives you three options; Back, Next, and Cancel. The Back option allows you to return to the previous screen in case you need to change something. The Next button, lets the system know you’re ready to continue with the installation. The Cancel button, allows you to exit the installation at any point. 
    Installing Windows 95 
    In order to install Windows 95 from CD-ROM, ensure that the CD-ROM drive is activated when booting up to Command prompt. 
  • At the Command prompt type [d:] and hit the "<ENTER>" key. If your CD-ROM drive is some letter other than d: use that letter instead. 
  • At the D: prompt, go to Win95 sub-directory and type SETUP, then hit the "<ENTER>" key. 

  • Setup will tell you that it is going to check your system. Hit "<ENTER>" to continue. 
    Windows 95 will copy some initial files to the hard disk and run Scandisk to check the integrity of the hard disk. 
    Windows 95 will show a welcome screen. Choose "CONTINUE". It will then copy the rest of the setup files to the hard drive. Now it will show a "End User License Agreement" screen. Read the agreement and choose "YES". 
  • At the Windows 95 Setup Wizard screen. Choose "NEXT".
  • By default, the setup will install Windows 95 into the directory C:\WINDOWS, click "NEXT" to continue. The screen will change and show a progress meter for preparing the directory. 
  • By default, setup will install Windows 95 using the Typical option, click "NEXT" to continue. 

  • Enter the Product Identification Number that is above the bar code on the front of the booklet "Introducing Microsoft Windows95", that came with the Windows 95 CD, then click "NEXT" to continue. 
  • Under User Information, enter your name, and company if appropriate, then click "NEXT" to continue. 
  • Depending on your system, you’ll be given some check boxes. Check any that apply. If you are unsure, leave the box blank. The hardware can be installed later if necessary. Click "NEXT" to continue. The screen will change and show a progress meter for analyzing your system. 
  • Get Connected. Leave these checkboxes blank and click "NEXT" to continue. It is easy to install these options later rather than slow the setup by installing them now. 
  • By default, setup will install Windows 95 using the option "Install the most common components", click "NEXT" to continue. 
  • Select the option "Yes, I want a startup disk.". This procedure will create a startup disk which you need a blank Formatted 1.44 3.5" floppy disk. Make your selection then click "NEXT". 
  • Windows 95 setup will then be ready to copy files to the hard disk.Click "NEXT" to continue. 
  • If you choose to make a startup disk, a progress meter will be displayed and you’ll be prompted to insert a disk into drive A: Insert the disk and click "OK" to continue. If you don’t have a disk, click "CANCEL" to abort. 
  • Setup will now start copying files to the hard disk. A progress meter will be displayed along with several introduction screens about Windows 95. 
  • After all of the files are copied, the system must be restarted to finish the installation. Click "FINISH" to restart the system. 
  • The system will restart Windows 95. After that, there will be a message about setting up the system to run Windows 95 for the first time. Then Windows 95 will detect whatever plug and play hardware that is installed in your system. After that a couple of dialog boxes will be displayed showing the installation progress. Then a map showing time zones will be displayed. Change the time zone to your local area. You can also set the date and time, by clicking on the ‘Date & Time’ tab at the top and making the appropriate changes. Click "CLOSE" to continue. 
At this point the installation is complete 
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