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Arab Republic of Egypt


Education in Egypt

  1. Education in Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The basic education consists of pre-primary, primary and preparatory levels of education. In Egypt, the Ministry of Education coordinates the preschool ... 
  2. Egypt - EDUCATION

    As of 1990, problems persisted in Egypt's education system. For example, the government did not enforce laws requiring primary- school-age children to ... 
  3. Education in Egypt

    The first girls' school was established around 1873 in Egypt. During the British rule, Egypt set up the first secular university along with a number of ...
  4. Egypt Education

    This site uses a Course Management System that Professors in Cairo University use to aid them in teaching their classes. We encourage anyone to use this ... 
  5. Egypt's Education System: Parents and Students Emerge as a New ...

    1 Oct 2008 ... Navtej Dhillon, Amina Fahmy, and Djavad Salehi-Isfahani discuss the troubled state of Egypt's education system, demonstrated most recently ... 
  6. Education - Egypt

    In 1966, illiteracy in Egypt was estimated at more than 70%; in 1995, ... At the secondary level, there were 4385938 students in general education, ... 
  7. INHEA | Egypt Higher Education Profile

    INHEA provides a brief overview of the history, current enrollment, governance, administration, research and publications of the country's higher education ... 
  8. Egypt: Education in Ancient Egypt, A Feature Tour Egypt Story

    Egypt: Education in Anceint Egypt, A Feature Tour Egypt Story. 
  9. Egypt: Report: Part I: Main indicators for Education for All

    This report reviews the quantitative and qualitative development of education in Egypt since Gomemtien Conference (March 1990). ... 
  10. Ancient Egypt Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Education

    hieroglyphs egypt translation; ancient egyptian education; egyptian education; education in egypt; egyptian hieroglyphs; ancient egyptian hieroglyphics ... 

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