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Suomen Tasavalta
Republic of Finland


Education in Finland


  1. Education in Finland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It should be also noted that retiring age groups are bigger than the ones entering higher education in Finland at present and for quite some time into the ... 
  2. EDU - The Education System of Finland

    In Finland, the basic right to education and culture is recorded in the Constitution of Finland. Public authorities must secure equal opportunities for ...,4699 
  3. EDU - in English

    There you will also find information for example on the education system of Finland and the immigrant education in Finland. >> National Board of Education. 
  4. OPM - Ministry of Education, Finland

    "In a global economy education is key to Finland retaining its competitive edge. We will continue to focus on equipping our students to participate fully in ... 
  5. BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Education key to economic survival

    23 Nov 2004 ... Investing in education has been central to Finland's economic success. ... Finland's education system, when compared to the UK, ... 
  6. BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Finland tops global school table

    7 Dec 2004 ... Finland does best in the latest international PISA study of 15-year-olds' maths, reading and science abilities. 
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  7. thisisFINLAND: Facts: Education & research

    Foreign students at Finnish universities highly recommend the experience of studying in Finland. More ». Facts/Education & research - Young Finns know their ... 
  8. eFinland | Education & Culture

    With this in mind concerted efforts to enable computer education on a wide scale started in Finland already well over a decade ago resulting in a whole ...
  9. Statistics Finland - Education

    Discontinuation of education: Statistics Finland has been compiling statistics on discontinuation of post-comprehensive school education from ... 
  10. Education in Singapore and Finland: a comparison Part 1 ...

    11 Sep 2009 ... It compares education in Singapore and Finland. Note the one area where they are the same. Yup: equal opportunities and free or heavily ... 

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