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Hellenic Republic


Education in Greece



  1. Education in Greece

    6 Dec 2006 ... Education in Greece is compulsory for all children 6-15 years old. Formal education is characterized by the fixed length of study, ... 
  2. Education in Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    According to the article 16 of the greek constitution, private tertiary education isn't allowed in Greece. However there are some Laboratories of Free ... 
  3. Education in Greece

    Education in Greece The Greek Educational System consists of three successive levels: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education level. ... 
  4. Education & Universities in Greece

    Education in Greece, Universities in Greece, Private Institutions in Greece, Schools and Academies in Greece, Technological Education Unstitutes in Greece. 
  5. Primary education in Greece.

    Primary Education is offered in Kindergartens and Primary schools. Kindergartens may be part of centres, and function together with State nursery schools ... 

    The prerequisite for teaching in higher education institutions, at all levels, is a Doctorate in the relevant field awarded in Greece or at an institution ... 
  7. Education in Greece

    Dorian Kokas article on the Greek educational system, foreign universities and the role of the Greek church. 
  8. Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs - main

    2nd EMUNI Conference on Higher Education and Research · International Conference "Excellence: Education and Human Development" Athens, Greece, 1-4 July 2009 ... 
  9. Education UK Greece

    A UK education is just that. A vast mix of forward-looking courses and exciting experiences that lead to valuable qualifications which can really make you ... 
  10. Higher education in Greece :: ELIAMEP

    The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) completed an empirical research on higher education in Greece in order to contribute to ... 

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