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More Media & News Links From Ethiopia

Addis Fortune
Quality business newspaper.

Addis Tribune
Private weekly newspaper from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Ethiopia
Daily news articles related to Etiopia from African sources.

BBC Country Profile: Etiopia
Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profile.

Newspaper striving to promote free enterprise in Ethiopia, and inform the public at large about economic events.

Online newspaper.

Ethio Tribune
Source for the latest developments in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya) and its surrounding region.

Ethiopian news search engine.

Ethiopian Commentator
Opinion-based online magazine.

Ethiopian Herald
Official newspaper.

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)
State news service.

Ethiopian Observer
Provides news and commentaries regarding current issues on Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Reporter
Daily newspaper based in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Review
News site publishing wide range of dissident views.

Ethiopian fashion and entertainment magazine.

Jimma Times
Independent online newspaper run by reporters both in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora.
US-based news portal with headlines from various sources.
Oromo news updated daily.

Lifestyle and business publication devoted exclusively to the Ethiopian-American community.

Walta Information Centre
Government afiliated site providing daily news in Amharic & English from all regions.

What's Up
Monthly newsletter covering arts and cultural events in Addis Ababa.





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