The Universe Beyond
Author: Muhammad Munir

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[About Author]
 Brief Overview]
[The Origin Of The Universe And Its Development In Stages]
[Classification Of Developmental Stages Of The Universe
[Fundamental Laws Underlying Creation Of The Universe In Stages]
[The Unbridgeable Gulfs - A Creative Necessity]
[Universe - A Continuum Whole]
[The Immortal Soul - Self-Conscious Stage Of Man]
[The Theory Of Unconsciousness]
[The Physical Body And The Human Self Live As Two Distinct Stages]
 Darwin’s Theory of evolution (Origin Of Species) NEW Addition
[Man Exists At The Planet Earth Only]
[The Creation And The Purpose]
[Detailed Summary of the Book
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We shall soon  show them our signs in the external world 
and in  their own selfs until it is quite clear  to them  that 
Al-Quran is thee truth... 41(53)

"And (Allah) made of services unto you Whatever is in the 
Heavens and  Whatever is in the Earth: it is all from Him. 
Lo! herein verily are portents for people who reflect." .....

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