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To (Recipient Name)

Room/Office (optional)

The FAX Number properly formatted
FORMAT: Be sure to use the IDDD-compliant form of the telephone number (spaces are allowed), including the country code and the prefix - no international dialing codes please. 
ie: Oxford, England - 44 1865 xxxxxx ; Washington, USA - 1 202 xxx xxxx 

Subject (optional)

Your Email address (you will be sent delivery confirmation) 
Your email address must be valid in order to process your request.

The body of the fax, as you wish it to appear:

IDDD Country Codes


The Address Format:
recipient_name fax_number
  • Use the name of the recipient you wish to have on the coversheet.
  • The character '_' is converted to a space 
  • The character '/' is converted to start a new line
  • Do not use long distance and international access codes 
  • Begin with country code (1=USA, 44=UK, etc)
  • Strip out punctuation characters 
  • Maximum number of digits is 15 

An example:


This will send a fax to the number 495-968-2590 (the first '1' at in the fax number is the country code for the USA) 
The coversheet will look like this: 
Please deliver to:
Arlington Hewes
Room 403
The message content of the e-mail follows on separate pages of the fax transmission. An e-mail message will be sent back to you confirming the fax was sent, or information about any problems.

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