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CYBER CITY ONLINE [CCOL] is a Pakistan's Premier Internet, Web, IT, and Multimedia Solution Provider, and Trend Setter of Cyber Cafes in Pakistan. Web Design From the pool of Foreign Qualified expertise provided in-house, CCOL  is able to meet and surpass any customer requirements to produce visually stunning and User Friendly Web Sites. CCOL Presents many Worldwide Networks Consisting Million over pages of Information and web portals for you. CCOL is using Internet Technologies where Information, Ideas and Technology Coverage to enhance The POWER OF WEB TECHNOLOGY,  for a common Pakistani Businessmen.

We have sponsored numerous web projects development & hosting  of different Organizations and Departments such as Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Pakistan Tours Limited (PTL), Ministry of Tourism (MOT), PTDC Motels, Capital Territory Police (CTP), Rescue 15, Export Trade House (ETH) , e-Letter for Pakistan Post and many NGO's Web Sites etc., on a complimentary basis in order to render National Services.

CCOL wish to build a Prosperous Pakistan by boosting Business & Economy through e-commerce. The CCOL has decided to achieve this goal by developing


For Business Community of Pakistan (Private Sector Tourism , Household Export and Small Industries) on First Come First Serve Basis. 

As we are offering First Come First Serve policy so please pay a visit personally (if you are in Islamabad or Rawalpindi) instead of mailing or telephone call. You may please bring your company's details for your Worldwide Web such as:

About Us: Company LOGO, Profile, Mission Statement, Our Vision, Our Resources, Who is Who, Credentials etc.

Our Products & Services: Products or Services’ details with their Images.

Feedback Us: Here will be your Feed back/ Inquiry or Order Form, CCOL will Provide your business a Free Email Account with 6 MB space.

Example Site: Familee Travels

Bring your business 365 days a year to a Global Market. Get your FREE World Class Web Site Developed in 9 Languages FREE OF COST

| English| French | Spanish | German | Italian | Portuguese | Japanese | Korean | Chinese |

(Auto Translation work with I.E. 5.50 & Above) 


Description of Free Offer :
Index Page Worth US$ 100
Products & Services Page with Images Worth US$ 100
Feedback/Inquiry or Order Form Worth US$ 100
Auto 9 Languages Translator, Internal Search Engine Worth US$ 100
Sub domain on CYBERCITY-ONLINE.NET/B2B/YourCompany Worth US$ 025
Free Directory Listing in CCOL B2B Web Portal Worth US$ 015
Web Based Email Account with 6 MB Space Worth US$ 030
Hosting On a ultra High Speed Server Located in Canada Worth US$ 150
Files Transfer To Canada Server (Uploading via FTP) US$ 025
Web Server Statistics, Mail CGI and Web Mail Setup Charges US$ 025
If you have a Telephone, Fax or a Cell phone, your potential clients must know your contact information, Otherwise you may not get business from a potential client...
Your web site address must reach to all your potential clients globally, it must be submitted to world's top search engines, such as altavista, Yahoo, google etc. and it must be well maintained or updated regularly. It cost you a lot but we'll perform this job at very very low price i.e. US$ 50/- For 12 Months , While you would be getting Web Design + Hosting Free of Cost, this would be peanuts for you, and will assist CCOL to keep up its community services for you in a on going process.

Seize the Day! It is Easy to Forget that time and life is limited admits the Golden Rays each Sunrise Floods us in. The Reality is our Life span and Opportunities are Limited.


Why Business & Commerce on INTERNET is Interesting?

1)   It is used by Millions of People Daily.
2)   Average Growth Rate is 50% for the Next Four Years.
3)   It is a Service that is Low Cost with Access to High end Advertising.
4)   Easy to use, with Basic PC and Internet Exposure.
5)   Web sites Operate 24 hours a Day, 365 days a Year.
6)   When Creating New Promotion, Web sites have Control over Positioning.
7)  No Pricing Competition.
8)  Can differentiate by Quality, Service Selection and even Region.
9)  Gives the Highest Level of Participation.
10) Secure Online Payment System.
11) Gives detailed Information on No. of Visitors that visit the Web sites.
12) Small and Mid – Size Business that have Invested in ECommerce will benefit  most.

What Are The Basic TACTIC?

1)  Market Expansion.
2)  Revenue Increased.
3)  New Market Entry.
4)  Effective Promotion and Advertising.
5)  New Public Relation Exposure.
6)  Roll out Times, Timeless and Customer Satisfaction Measurement.
7)  Well be able to form Great Ties with Clients (Creating and  Maintaining Clients).
8)  Solidify Networking and Synergy's Vertical Integration.
9)  Increased Walk in Traffic.
10) Prospect and Target Additional Seasonable Customers.
11) Will help Translate Greater Products Sales as a Result of Increased  Customer Knowledge.

Best Opportunity For
With E-Commerce
A World of opportunity exists for those who posses the initiatives, determination and innovation to carve for themselves a fair share of the both domestically and globally. 
“Some People want it to HAPPEN.
Others make it HAPPEN.”

Thanks indeed for your TIME to read this offer, we remain,
Sincerly Yours,

Zahid Ikram

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