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Pakistani Print Media

Daily Jinnah, Lahore Daily Express, Lahore Daily Pakistan, Lahore Daily Jang
Daily Sahafat, Islamabad Daily Aaj Kal, Lahore Daily Waqt, Lahore Daily Al-Sharq Daily Mashriq, Peshawar Daily Ausaf, Islamabad

Daily Azkar, Rawalpindi Daily Insaf Lahore Daily Assas, Rawalpindi Daily Islam Daily Jasarat, Karachi Daily Ummat, Karachi
Daily Taqat Lahore Daily Aaj Peshawar, Peshawar Daily Aap Lahore Qaumi Akhbar Neya Akbhar, Lahore Daily Al-Akhbar, Lahore
Daily Amn Karachi Daily Jurr'at, Karachi Daily Muqadama, Karachi Daily Universal Recorder, Islamabad Daily Newsmart, Rawalpindi Amn, Faisalabad
Daily Aitadal, Dera Ismael Khan Daily Khabria Sargodha Awaz OnlinePress Conference, Gujranwala AfkareJehan, Gujranwala Daily Saltanat Gujranwala
Islamabad Times Daily K2 Daily Tawar MastungGawadar Times Daily Awam, Quetta Daily Duniya Quette
Daily Intekhab, Hub Zama Swat Daily Azadi SwatHazara News Chaita Daily Chand
Weekly Manzar Chitral Times GPI Fortnightly Aleesar Karachi Daily Sahara, Lahore Weekly Sahara Karachi
Baad-e-Shimal Daily Agah, Mandi Bahawaldin Daily Lahore Post, Karachi Daily Beopaar, Karachi Daily Qadamat Lahore Daily Abtak Lahore

APP News

All Pakistan Newspapers society

Overseas Pakistani media

  •       Business News


    Pakistan Cricket Board
    Pakistan Hockey Federation
    Pakistan Bridge Federation
    Pakistan Table Tennis Federation
    Pakistan Golf Federation
    The Gun Club, Islamabad
    Pakistan Taekwondo Federation
    Pakistan Sports Trust
    Pakistan Sports Board
    Pakistan Olympic Association
    Ministry of Sports

  • English Newspapers

    The Express Tribune
    World Tribune Pak.

    World News websites

    Worldwide Media & News NET

  • Ariana (Afghan)

  • BBC News

  • CNN

  • Sky News

  • Sky

  • Google News


    Local languages Media

  • Vichaar (Sindhi)
  • Daily Sindh (Sindhi)
  • Daily Qudrat (Pashto)
  • Daily GalBaat
  • Zrombesh (Balochi)
  • Kashmiri Newspapers

    Webblogs / Think Tank
  • Salaab Pakistan
  • Awaz TV
  • Bahadur H. Sabir
  • BaluchSamachar
  • BrassTack
  • Hasbehaal, Aftab
  • Free Dr. Aafia
  • FreindsCorner
  • Hum-hain-pakistani
  • PakAffairs
  • Pakalert
  • Pakistani
  • Pakistaniat
  • PakPolitics
  • Pakpositive
  • Sabir Nazar Cartoonist
  • Siasat
  • Siastpak
  • The Current Affairs
  • Urduveb
  • Writer's Block
  • Arz-e-Pakistan
  • IT Darsgah
  • IT Duniya (InPage)
  • JangForum
  • Pegham
  • Urdu Pages
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