In the Heart of Margalla Hills

Islamabad, the beautiful capital city of Pakistan, nestled against the backdrop of fascinating Maggalla Hills, offers a healthy climate, lush green locale, pollution free atmosphere and elegant living to its residents. The city, symbolizing the aspirations of vibrant nation, is a modern and carefully planned urban centre. Originally envisaged only as a centre of administration, Islamabad has now transformed into a thriving city with a population of around a million.
Needless to say, Islamabad emerged as the most favorite choice as a place of residence in Pakistan. Sambara Lodges adjacent to Alpha Cash and Carry and near by Imran Khan's house in Bani Gala.

Best opportunity of Investment & Living Luxury in Bani Gala Islamabad

Bani Gala, by virtue of its lush green valley, pollution free environment, scenic beauty and modern civic amenities, has an irresistible attraction for people both at home and abroad. Even Imran Khan has chosen to live in Bani Gala, Islamabad.
Sambara Lodges located in Bani Gala, adjacent to Imran Khan's home and Alpha Cash & Carry, surrounded by civic amenities, professional education school systems etc. It has been further enhanced by the civilized community, wide roads, modern town planning, clean residential areas and good security. Therefore, owning a home in Sambara Lodges, Bani Gala, Islamabad must have been dream of those who have visited this area once in their lifetime.