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Republica de Cuba
Republic of Cuba


Education in Cuba

  1. Education in Cuba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Education in Cuba has been a highly ranked system for many years. The University of Havana was founded in 1728 and there are a number of other ...
  2. Education In Cuba

    Education in Cuba has been another major accomplishment of the Revolution. Before it, education was unavailable to over half of Cuban children. ...
  3. Education in Cuba

    To us, education seemed to the be the most impressive success of the revolution. ... Practically overnight, Cuba's literacy rate rose to 97%, and it's now a ...
  4. CUBANS-Education

    18 Feb 2004 ... During the U.S. occupation of Cuba, plans were laid out—and implemented to an impressive extent—to provide education for all children on the ...
  5. Cuban Education Guide: Education in Cuba

    Are you interested in the education system in Cuba? Want to know more about the successes of the education system in Cuba? Our guide to the education system ...
  6. [RTF]

    Cuba: Education System - UNESCO - Homepage | | United ...

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    UNESCO overview of institution types, structure, and national bodies.
    by ATOH EDUCATION - All 16 versions

    EDUCATION IN CUBA. CUBA HAS 98% LITERACY RATE AND AN AVERAGE 12th GRADE SCHOOLING ONE OF THE ... Cuba leads Latin America in primary education, study finds ...
  8. Human Rights and Education in Cuba

    If you ask any defender of the "Cuban Revolution" to identify those rights which are respected in Cuba, he is sure to begin by saying: "Education is free ...
  9. Education in Cuba

    Education in Cuba. Text and photos by Ernesto Bazan. Contact the Curator for the story and pictures. For the past few months, I've been given unlimited ...
  10. Fidel Castro on Education in Cuba | Cuba Education Facts

    29 Oct 2004 ... Universal education in Cuba covers the cost of uniforms, books, tuition, dorm fees, and an expense stipend at the university level, ...

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