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1. A Nazm a Month
The best nazms urdu has to offer. all the great poets including ghalib, faiz, faraz, josh, jigar etc..
100 best books of Urdu Literature now available online.
3. Heer - Waris Shah
Translated version of Heer-Waris Shah. The most popular love story of Heer-Ranjha, as originally translated from Heer-Waris Shah..
4. Riffat Murtaza's Page of Urdu Literature!
This is my website about urdu literature. Here I will share with you some of my own short stories that I have written along with my favorite urdu literary links. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!.
5. Tayyar´s Urdu Markaz
6. Urdu Manzil
devoted to the promotion of Urdu language and literature all over the world..
7. Urdu Mazahia Website
This is not a website, this is a tonic of smiles. Kill your sorrows and disasters using the weapon of laughter..
8. Welcome to Ali Khan's Official web-site
Ali Khan is a young Pakistan poet who has got his complete poetry book 'Kya Kami Thee' on-line since 1998..
9. Zeejah's Desk
A collection of articles, short stories and children stories written by Zeenath Jahan..
10. sindhi magazine
sindhi magazine, ishq, ishqmag, story, poetry,dadu.
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Main Categories (13) >>> None (245) >>> Literature (13)
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