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::. Required Documents

A foreign company incorporated outside Pakistan, is required to submit the following documents to the concerned agencies within 30 days of establishing presence in Pakistan:

  1. A certified copy of the charter, statute or Memorandum and Articles of the company, in English or Urdu, accompanied by prescribed Form 38;
  2. Address of the registered or principal office of the company on Form 39;
  3. A list of Directors, the Chief Executive and Secretaries (if any) of the company on Form 40;
  4. Particulars of the principal officer of the company in Pakistan on Form 41;
  5. Particulars of person (s) resident in Pakistan authorized to accept services on behalf of the foreign company on Form 42;
  6. Address of the principal place of business in Pakistan of the foreign company on Form 43 (Section 451)

Any change or alteration in particulars stated at serial No. 1 to 6 above is required to be filed on Form 44 with the registrar concerned within 30 days of such change or alteration (section 452); and  

Foreign company is required to file annually with the registrar concerned annual accounts in respect of its operations within Pakistan as well as its global accounts together with the list of Pakistani members and debenture holders and particulars of places of business of the company in Pakistan within the prescribed period (Section 453).

Foreign company is required to give notice on Form 46 to the registrar concerned at least 30 days before it intends to cease to have a place of business in Pakistan and to publish a notice of such intention at least in two daily newspapers circulating in the province or provinces in which such place or places of business are situate.;


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