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Company Name


Year of Establishment 1974
Head of Organization Mr. Furqan Ahmed
Research & Development Not Provided
Testing Equipment Hardness Tester. Inspection JIGS & Fixtures/EQP.
In House Training Not Provided
Manufacturing 1. 10 to 350 Tons Presses which includes Mechanical, Hydraulic (Single & Double), Mechanical cushian Type Press and jewel Forming Press. 2. Spot Welding Machines of various capacity, various station for MIG (CO2) and Tig welding. 3. CNC Machinery centers, CNC turrning Centre, NC SPM's & conventional Machineries. 4. Paintng Line incluses De-Greading /Phosphating unit, dying oven with conveyer system, heat control and conveyer spread control system.
Product Line Bracket Muffler Complete. Clip harness Complete. Swing Arm COM RR MMC. Stem Steering Complete. Cover Resistor Complete. Clip Harness. Clutch Lever CAM 28T. Muffler Comp. Stopper Cover Cylinder Head comp Pan Comp. Oil Frame Comp. With exhaust. Cover Timing out & inside. Bracket Stopper Front ComP. Bracket Stopper Rear Comp. Brass Stepped Cups of Radiators. Carrier Assembly Comp.
Main Customers Atlas Honda Ltd; Pak Suzuki Motor Co; Sind Engineering Ltd; Philips Electrical Ind (Pvt) Ltd.
Foreign Colaboration Not Provided
Exports Products Exporting Radiator Cars and Cups to UK.
Office Address C-I/39, Sector.12-C, North Karachi Industrial Area, Karachi
Office City Karachi
Office Phone 021-6934954, 6950953
Office Fax 021-6902908, 6956546
Office Email
Factory Address Same as Office.
Factory City Please Update
Factory Phone Please Update
Factory Fax Please Update
Factory Email Please Update
Website/ Facebook URL Please Update
Activity TypeCategory
ManufacturingAutomobiles & parts
ManufacturingElectrical and Electronic Components

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