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NoorVet Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.

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Contact Information

Contact Name: Mr. Usman Tariq
Designation: CEO
Telephone: 92526909220
Fax/ Whatsapp 92524590700
E-mail: n/a

Products / Services

Surgical Instruments, Equipments, Appliances, Items, Products, Dental Instruments, Beauty, Medical, Veterinary, Diagnostic, Orthopedic, Opthalmic, Eye, Optical, Tungsten Carbide, Scalpel Handles, Probes, Cotton Application, Sponge Holders, Cotton Carrier, Rectoscope, Percusion Hammers, Sensibility Instruments, Trocars, Suction Tubes, Operating Scissors, Gynecological, Dissecting Scissors, Fine, Thorax, Vascular, Neuro Surgical, Nasal, Episiotomy Scissors, Umbilical, Gum Scissors, Ligature Scissors, Dressing Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Needle Holders, Barber Scissors, Nail, Cuticle Scissors, Tweezers, Nippers, Cleaners, Pushers, Manicure, Kits, Hollow Wares, Cardiovascular Clamps, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Exporters, Equestrian Products, Saddler, Horse Furnishing, Leather Products

Address / Location

Address: Rang Pura Road
City: Sialkot
Postal/Zip Code: n/a

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