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AGRIPAK International

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Contact Information

Contact Name: n/a
Designation: n/a
Telephone: 922132225444
Fax/ Whatsapp 922132229354
E-mail: n/a

Products / Services

Tractor, Agricultural Machinery, Trolleys, Water Tanks, Construction Machinery, Fork Lifts, Industrial Machinery, Farm Equipments, Garden Machinery, Golf Equipments, Tractor Spare Parts, Equipments, Supplies, Suppliers, Importers, Animal Traction Equipments, Combines, Ploughs, Harrows, Cultivators, Planters, Land Developing Equipments, Drills, Seeding Equipments, Digging Equipments, Lawn Equipments, Material Handling Equipments, Cutters, Reapers, Threshers, Ridgers, Spraying Equipments, Tanks, Tillage Equipments, Fertilizer Broadcaster, Sheller, Crushers, Slashers, Mowers, Front Loaders, Tractor Mounted, Back Hoe, Road Sweepers, Tractor Driven, Truck Mounted Cranes, Toe Trucks, Work Platforms, Generators, Prime Mowers

Address / Location

Address: 5, Amber Palace, S.M.C.H.S., Main Shahrah-e-Faisal
City: Karachi
Postal/Zip Code: n/a

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