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ZULTEC (Pvt.) Ltd.

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Contact Information

Contact Name: n/a
Designation: n/a
Telephone: 9221111985832
Fax/ Whatsapp Not Allowed in Free Trail
E-mail: n/a

Products / Services

Packaging, Food Processing, Weighing, Marking, Auto ID, Bar coding, Labeling, Retailing Equipments, Retail Management, Access Control, Accessories, Attendance Machines, Auto Magazine Packaging, Back Office Accounting, Bag Sealing, Baggage Tags, Barcode Printer, Barcode Scanner, Basic class (BC), Basic-System (BS), Beverage Labels, Beverage Packaging System (Aseptic), Biometric, Block Meat Cutter, BOPP, Bowl Cutter/Chopper, Calling Card Manufacturers, Card Holder, Card Making Equipment, Card Making Equipments, Card Printers, Cards, Cards Accessories, Carousel Lane, Cartoning, Case Sealing, Check Weigher, Class E-World (CE), Cling Films, Clips, Coin Deposit SystemRetailing Equipment, College ID Cards, Compact Scale, Computer Software, Computer Softwares, Consumables, Corporate ID Cards, Curing, Customer Guidance Systems, Cyber Accountant, Cyber Inventory Control, Cyber POS, Cyber POS for Super Stores, Cyber Ultra Sound Image Management System, Desktop Printers, Distributors, Dot Matrix Printer, Drivers Licenses, Dual-sided Color, Dual-sided Color with Dual Lamination, Economic Class (ES), Economic System (ES), Evaluating Units/Terminals, Fish Scaling Industrial, Flow-Pack, Forming, General Order Suppliers, Government ID Cards, Hand-held Scanner, HandPunch 3000, HandPunch 4000Network able Scales, Harcoat, Holographic, Horizontal Flow Packing, Hot Foil Ribbons, I.D.Cards, IC Chip Card, ID Card Printers, ID Cards, Identity Cards, Induction Sealing, Industrial Printers, Industrial Scales, Industrial Solutions, Information Outlets, INK Supply Systems, Installation, Installation Service, Instant Plastic Card, Instant Plastic Cards, Label Printer, Label Printers, Labels, Laminates, Lamination, Lamination Materials, LandYard, landyard Accessories, Left-Hand Power Take-Away, Load Receivers, Maintenance, Manufacturers, Material Handling, Meat & Bone Saw, Meat Mincer, Meat Slicer, Meat Tenderizer, Metal Detector, Ministretch Wrapping, Mobile Printer, National IDs, Net Card, Office Gift Items, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Material, Pallet Stretch Wrapping, Parts, Passenger Handling Service, Petrochemical Labels, Photograph Cards, Plastic Card, Plastic Cards, Plastic ID Card Printers, POS Equipments, POS Software, Pouch Lamintors, Precision Scale, Prepaid Phone Cards, Price Marking LabelersCheck-out Counters, Printers, PVC Cards, Repair, Repairing, Retail, Retail Scales, Retail Solutions, Retailer, Ribbons, Roland Sheet, Roll Laminator, Sales, Sales Equipment, Sausage Filler, SC / SC-H 200Shopping Carts, SC / SC-H 500, Scan & Bag/Pass, Scan & Pass, Scratch Card, Scratch Cards, SCSI Cards, Self Adhesive Labels, Service, Shopfitting, Shopping Baskets, Shopping Trolleys, Shrink Films, Shrink Packaging, Single-sided Monochrome, Sleeve Shrink Wrapping, Smart Cards, Smoking Chamber, Software Developer, Software Developers, Software House, Spiral Freezer, Straight Tank, Strapping, Stretch Films, Stretch Wrapping, System-Class (SC), Tags, Temperature Measurement, Thermal Printers, Thermoforming, Time Devices, Time Management Systems, Tray Sealer, Tri-Belt Lane, Trolley Shelter, Tumbler, Vacuum Chamber Mach., Vertical Form Fill & Seal, Whole Sellers, Wholesaler, Wholesalers, Wireless Products, Wrap Around Case Packing, X-ray Inspection

Address / Location

Address: 1-6/16, Sector 5, Korangi Industrial Area,
City: Karachi
Postal/Zip Code: n/a

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