Abbottonians Medical Association (AMA) & DISASTER MANAGEMENT CENTER (DMC)

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Contact Information

Contact Name: Dr. Noaman Siddiqui
Designation: Owner
Telephone: 929923822710
Fax: Not Allowed in Free Trail
E-mail: n/a

Products / Services

Medical Care Services, Welfare Association, NGO, Non Government Organization, Trust, Free Medical Camp, Child Skill Development, Programme Awareness, Income Generation, Poverty Elemination, Formal & Non-Formal Education, 26 Formal & Non-Formal Education centres, Mother Child Health Care, Reachable, Eassy Access, 12 Village, Vocational Center, First Founder Model School, EPA Affiliation, HR, Proposal, Professional Leadership Programmes, Resource Center, Women Health, Men Health, Children Health, Educational Development, Economic Development, Life care, Logistic Programmes, Doctors Training, Social Welfare, Career Development, Foundation, Education Development, Health Services, Health care projects, Help for All, Training Programmes, Upgrade the living Standard, Reproductive, Reproduction Control, HIV, AIDS, Population control, Rescue, Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction Activities, Educational Programs, Women Empowerment Programs, Health Programs, Donations

Address / Location


Address: 2nd Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian
City: Abbottabad
Postal/Zip Code: n/a

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