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Engineering Industry

Pakistan's engineering industry is a crucial sector of the fast developing industrial bases. It has kept pace with the demands of the country's industrial development in the production of light engineering goods, chemical fertilizers, tyres, rubber products, and steel products. Heavy industries such as ship building, sugar and cement plants are increasing in response to local needs and export potential.
Since venturing into the international market, Pakistan's engineering goods have acquired a reputation for top quality, reliability and performance. Since Independence in 1947, the country's low industrial base has developed rapidly under progressive government policies, incentives and acquisition of modern state-of-the-art technology. Updated technology brings quality and versatility to the manufacture of engineering industry.

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Pakistan is indeed proud of its Heavy Mechanical Complex, which has served developing country's needs for capital goods -- machinery for sugar and cement plants, boilers, road rollers, cultivation implements, harvesting machinery, ginning machinery etc. Heavy Mechanical Complex has the facilities to produce light, medium and heavy iron and steel castings. High standard tractors, which are reliable and economical are produced with foreign collaboration. Other agricultural and industrial mobile equipment is also becoming increasingly popular in the export market.

Machinery Electrical

Electrical engineering in Pakistan has recorded phenomenal growth and success in both the local and international markets. In domestic appliances, premium quality fans and audio cassette recorders are manufactured for the export market. Ceiling, table and pedestal fans are designed for energy efficiency and are available in a variety of sleek, modern designs and multiple colour choices.

Tansport Equipment

Pakistan produces and exports a wide range of transport equipment, which includes railway carriages with spares, automotive spare parts, bicycles with spares, ships, boats and launches. Pakistan Railways continues a fine tradition of carriage and wagon building, and its Islamabad- based carriage factory produces highly sophisticated and durable coaches, designed to meet modern passengers' comfort and cargo requirements.

The Karachi Shipyard undertakes building of vessels and heavy repairs and produces steel structures and iron, and non-ferrous castings. Steady performance and proven quality are the hallmarks of the business and have brought it respectability. Large orders have been undertaken for building of ocean-going vessels and sailing craft. The shipyard also undertakes extensive ship repairs. The Pakistan Automobile Corporation Limited (PACO), manufactures auto spare parts of international specifications and standard for the local and export markets. Bicycles of superior quality are manufactured, lightweight yet sturdy with tough frames of durable steel tubing. Elegant designs and guaranteed maximum load make them a trusted and popular choice in the export market.

Petroleum Products

Pakistan has only recently begun exporting a range of quality petroleum products, which includes naphtha, lamp oil and white spirit, residual fuel oil, lubricating oils and greases, toluene and xylene. The response from foreign buyers has been so encouraging as to give a further boost to local production. Pakistan refineries produce petroleum products under strict quality that conform to international standards.


The enduring beauty of ceramics is part of Pakistanís historical and architectural heritage from the time of the Mughal era. Traditional designs reverently adorn the tombs, mosques and public places in Lahore, Hala and Thatta.The unique glazed ceramic tiles are produced in a myriad of designs, colours and thematic conceptions that are both modern and part of a rich and ancient cultural heritage.
Due to their durability in all weather and extreme climatic conditions, ceramic tiles are commonly used for exterior finishes. Their totally water-resistant and acid immunity properties make these tiles the ideal choice for laboratories, kitchens and bathrooms.The durability and aesthetic finish make ceramic tiles a favourite choice for floorings.


The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan has developed considerably in large measure due to the collaboration of major multinationals in the field. Today, the industry provides vital support and supply to the health care needs of a large population. All leading brands of prescription and nonprescription drugs are manufactured to strict quality control. Many of these medicines are manufactured for export as well.

Paint and Varnish

One of the first industries of Pakistan -- the paint industry -- today we have is one of the most modern for locally produced paints, varnishes and allied products in the export market. yNumerous varieties of paints are available, from defence service paints, decorative and general service, exterior and industrial finishes and special paints. New varieties are being added in a vastly innovative market.
Varieties of varnishes produced are of very high standards


The unique beauty of the jewellery of Pakistan reflects the cultural traditions and diversity of the people. Centuries of tradition are artistically and lovingly moulded in each hand-crafted piece of gold, silver and other metallic and non-metallic materials. The 22-karat gold jewellery is mixed with silver, copper or other metals. Intricately woven designs are either traditional or modern.

The eastern designs are generally ornate and studded with precious and semi-precious stones. Elegant and delicately simple designs that cater to the international taste and preference are also widely available. Our jewellery is ever popular locally and among foreigners with a taste for the exotic. Usually crafted in silver, the chunky designs invariably carry traces of Greco-Roman and Buddhist influences.


The handloom weaves of Pakistan have been spinning their magic for generations. Cotton and silk fabrics produced today carry on a centuries old tradition in design and craftsmanship incorporating modern quality and design techniques. The weavers are not only expert craftsmen, but artists who capture the spirit of the past in the unique traditional designs through bold use of colours and textures. There is also an enthusiasm for experimentation with new ideas and styles which is evident in the variety of designs and fabrics produced by the handloom industry.

The wonders of handloom include: sussi, striped and checked material in silk and cotton; tie and dye and block printed fabrics, khais, used in bedcovers or wraps; brocade and kumkhuab, a fine handspun creation of silk interwoven with gold or silver thread in a rainbow of colours and designs.

Cotton Textiles

Cotton textiles are high on the list of exports from Pakistan. The reason being that this industry has developed under strong incentives to produce the highest quality and variety of textiles to meet international specifications.Exports of cotton cloth, long cloth (bleached) shirting, sheeting cloth, twills, voile, poplin, cotton suiting, umbrella cloth, etc. Quality of yarn and dyes is superior and made for long term durability. A variety of textures,ashion colours and the general versatility of cotton itself make cotton textiles a popular export item. The element of craftsmanship is also the characteristic of our products

Ready-made Garments and Hosiery

Pakistanís thriving textile manufacturing industry has spawned a burgeoning garment industry. Ready-made garments in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours are produced and exported to many parts of the world.Local designers have a keen eye on the international market in producing garments with a variety of influences, classic, modern, eastern, western or a combination of eastern/western traditions.Cotton knits and hosiery are available in fine quality, excellent fit and style for maximum comfort. Standard international sizes and specifications are generally in use in garment manufactures but the industry shows a remarkable degree of adaptability in meeting the specific requirements of foreign buyers

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