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Pakistan stretches from the Arabian Sea to the mountainous regions of Central Asia in the north.

The beauty of this land lies in its sharp contrasts, rugged mountains, rolling plains, scorching deserts and vast expanse of virtually unspoiled beaches.

As varied as its topography is the rich ethnic diversity of its people. A nation whose racial and cultural heritage embodies the distinct strains of many invaders and settlers who streamed through the subcontinent throughout its long and turbulent history.

Though Pakistan gained independence from British India in 1947, the history of this Land of the pure (Pak implies pure) dates back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization of 5000 year B. C. History books record the absorbing discovery of the riches and wonders of the subcontinent by explorers and foreign invaders. From the time Alexander the Great thundered through the historic Khyber Pass to set up camp along the River Indus, down through the ages, to the Arab and Persian conquerors who left the most significant impression on the language and creed of the people, to the British, Portuguese and Dutch merchant colonialists who opened up the trade potential of the region to the world.

The years since independence have continued to be a period of discovery for Pakistan, as it realized the tremendous growth resources. These years have seen a steady rise in industrialization and modernization of the traditional agricultural sector. With the new economic liberalization, use of modern technology and ambitious export aspirations, Pakistan is poised to join the realm of the fastest developing industrialized countries of Asia.

There is an ever-increasing demand for quality in the international market, and young enterprising Pakistanis are eager to avail the extremely bright prospects for trade. Government incentives to exporters are a further encouragement to local entrepreneurs to explore new markets beyond the borders.

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