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Beggars Mafia Control

اردو ترجمہ کے لیے کلک کی جئے
By Zahid Ikram

Begging In Pakistan


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We have to take a serious steps against poverty alleviation, a set of measures, both economic and humanitarian, that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty. Our National Bait-ul-Maal have to undertake all the basic responsibilities of disables, widows, street children, Senior Citizens and people living below the poverty level.

There are too many Professional Baggers found in our Society, who have taken over the rights of actual Poor, Needy and Disabled. We must have to eliminate Professional begging in our Society. Please take the following actions against Beggars Mafia:

Zakat Councils are responsible for collecting and distributing the Islamic taxes known as Zakat and Ushr in Pakistan, This Council shall be Managed by every Community Mosque. With the help of National Bait-ul-Maal and every local Zakat Council shall take the Responsibility of Food & Shelter of Poor, Needy and Disabled living in that area.

 Community Police have to Arrest all the Contractors of the Beggars Mafia and all Professional Beggars, put them in long term Imprisonment and charged them with heavy fines.

All Young Gays/ Transgender/ She males Shall provide with the job opportunities and training as Nursing Staff, Bank Loan Recovery Officers, Receptionist, Drivers, Bus and Air Hostess etc.to save them from begging on streets.

From now on give only food to old age / disable / poor. No money shall be given to beggars.

Poor/ Needy shall learn Performing Arts for Presenting Road Shows to Earn Their Living with dignity like in most Advanced Countries People have road shows like Music, Singing, Juggling, Animal Shows etc.

 At the Roads, Traffic Junctions, Mosques, Offices, Homes, Streets and in the Markets the Professional Bagging shall be discouraged for (giving as well taking) by Community and by Law Enforcement Agencies.

TV & Social Media shall play an important role in Beggars Mafia Control and discourage bagging, educate the poor for how to earn living with dignity? Profit Making Skills, Small Businesses and Share Success Stories.

Our Corrupt Politicians have also been involved in Begging from other Nations, IMF and World Bank etc. They have been disgracing us as a Nation and overload us with heavy loans and interest. We have to put a full stop on borrowings and VIP culture, cut down our Government Expenses. have to control our Imports and Promote our Exports, need to adopt Natural Energy Sources like Solar and Wind etc., and have to eliminate corruption from our society.

Provide Overseas Pakistanis Investment Opportunities to buy Share of Dams and Energy Projects instead of taking loans from IMF, World Bank or Asian Development Bank etc. 

Let's Rebuild & Excel Pakistan

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