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Community Police Reforms

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By Zahid Ikram

Community Policing



Police play an important role in prevention of crimes and establishing Peace, discipline and Writ of Government, in order to attain these objectives, we need the following reforms in our Community Police.

All New Recruitment of Policemen shall have minimum Graduation level of Education and shall get training under Pak Army..

A Policeman's Minimum Basic Salary shall be equal to 1 Tola Gold in order to overcome Bribery.

Setup Police Check Posts at all entry and exit points of a local community/ Housing Society where a Permanent Police Officers be on duty, that must recognize all society members, their vehicles and regular visitors. This will help in Stopping intruders from Trespassing into the Housing Society.

All Police Stations in Pakistan shall be modernized, giving state of art facilities, SOS buttons for Alerts to Officers. Dispute Resolution Council shall be at all police stations. FIR shall be online or Guides for Public . 

There shall be depoliticizing of Police department.

Community Police will be held Responsible for any Street Crimes, Manufacturing and Sales of Alcohol and Drugs in their duty area.

Community Police will Control & Arrest all Professional Beggars in Their Community.

Police officers may have weekly visit to community homes, meet with the Residents/Tenant to Establish a Public Relation with them.

Local Police Check Post must maintain record of Residents/Tenant of their Businesses/ Jobs, Properties & Vehicles they Poses, Also Their Religion & Costs. Blood Group, Medical Records, Educational Records/, Professional Skills they have etc.

All Police Check post must have In & Out Barriers, Infrared CCTV Cameras, Drown Camera, WiFi, Wireless, Intercom and UPS.

All Community Police must have a Pistol, Body Camera, Communication Devices, Car and Bikes, Uniform and Residence with in that Community.

Police Officers shall have weekly check on Home Boundaries, Main Doors & Locks in order to prevent trespassing and thefts.

Police shall maintain all vehicle records & Visitors details.

Police shall maintain Senior Citizens and Orphans living in the community.

There must be online reporting of FIR.

Community Police shall be responsible to Catch all Amil, Jali Babas & Peers, Jadogar, Professors, Malangs etc and Stop this activity countrywide.

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