Let's Rebuild & Excel Pakistan
By Zahid Ikram

Elections & Politicals Reformas


Elections & Political Reforms

  • No doubt ISI is indeed No. 1 Intelligence agency of the world. Pakistan is an Atomic Power it should learn politically to be an Islamic Power like Turkey as well.
    سبق پھر پڑھ صداقت کا ، عدالت کا ، شجاعت کا
     لیا جائے گا تجھ سے کام دنیا کی امامت کا

  • The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall be re-written According to Islam & Sharia Laws.

  • We have to establish Islamic Presidential System like Khalafet-e-Rashida instead of Democracy. All Pakistanis shall select a President directly who will form the Government under Islamic Rules.

  • Conduct Elections every 3 year instead of 5 long years, to avoid tolerating a non-performing Government, the public shall have rights to choose new one.
  • All candidates of MNA and MPA Seat must represent all society according to their ratio in Society. There shall be Fixed seats for Businessmen & Labor, Agriculturist & Farmers, Rich & Poor, Religious Scholars, Educationist, Medical Professional, Engineers, Players Women etc.
  • All ministers shall be given there portfolio only on there Qulification and wxperance in a particular field. The Defene Minister shall be an Ex-Army Man.
  • If a criminal having jail sentenced even a few days cannot get any Government Job, Such persons shall be banned for life to participate in any Election and shall not be selected on any reserved seats.
  • All candidate must be at least Graduate at MPA level, Master Degree Holder at MNA Level. and PHD Doctor Degree Holder for any Minister, Senator or Parliamentary Committee Chairmanship.
  • All ministers shall be given their portfolio only upon their Qualification and Experance in a particular field of that ministry they have appointed.. There shall be reassessment of every ministryís performance every quarter, Failure to achieve their goals shall result in a de-seat from the post of Minister by the Prime Minister.

  • All candidates must share their vision and mission statement at one public platform, without spending huge budget for their election campaign.
  • Voting shall be compulsory for all citizens like Brazil, avoiding to vote shall be a punishable crime. There shall be Higher Voting Power for Higher Educated Persons e.g. an illiterate Person may have voting power of one/ issued him/her only one Belt Paper, a matriculate may have power of 2 votes, a graduate by University/ Maddrasa may have power of 3 votes, a Master Degree holder &b Mufti may have power of 4 votes and a PHD/ Dr. / Engineer / Islamic Scholar may have power of 5 votes. All Educational Records may be maintained by NADRA.
  • e-Voting shall be made possible with all security measures and fraud risks elimination.

    Election commission of Pakistan shall be free from Army influence, total digital thumb impression may implement for e-voting. The result will be automatically calculated without any human interaction. It will be Free and Fair for all, no bogus votes. No Returning Officers Involvement and n form 15 required.  

  • Sometimes we vote for a person just because we do not have a batter choice of a candidate. While voting in favor of a candidate, there shall be an option to vote against a candidate. The winner must be calculated in favor votes minus against votes. This option will also eliminate to be get elected on lowest votes where there are many (10-15) candidates consisting election, one out of them may win by taking only 10-15% of votes and other taking 5-10%.
  • Overseas Pakistani must be given rights to e-Vote.
  • There is no real democracy within most of Political Parties, a Chairperson remains Chairperson until his/ her death, then also His/ Her Next of Kin takes over, instead of Electing Most Senior Leadership within the party. New leadership must be given a chance to elect!
  • There shall be a think-tank of at least 10 Professionals from different walks of life on Education & Seniority bases from a UC, they will review the performance and progress of publicly Elected Members of UC, Provincial and National Assembly, this think-tank shall have rights to impeach an elected member on his/her poor performance.
  • Parliamentarians should not get Pension and all other benefits from the government. since Serving in Parliament is an honor, not a lucrative career and they may have reelected to same position again. Retirement age should be 70 Years for all Parliamentarians.

  • Elections shall be hold under the supervision of Pakistan Army.
  • Government shall be formed by that Political Party which gain more votes countrywide, but not on winning number of candidates.
  • Senators and Women Selection on Special Quota should be chosen on bases of their contribution toward society and their Higher Education level.
  • In the Islamic History, most of the Commander in Chief Were Head of States or had Supreme Command of a Country. The Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army Shall be given the Position of the President of Pakistan. This will eliminate the impose of Martial Law.

  • NAB, FIA and Police Departments shall be under President who has no political affiliation.
  • The President of State on recommendation by Supreme Justice Council shall have the rights to dissolve a Corrupt Government or not performing well and hold elections within 30 days.
  • Government always consists of Government Benches and Opposition. In our country there is always like a war between them. Opposition always criticizes the Government Policies for the sack of opposition, there shall have end to this culture. Government shall invite opposition  to present their own alternate ideas on all issues instead of just criticism on Government Policies.  

  • A candidate must be a domicile of his/her constituency for at least last 5 years..
  • The Domicile Certificate shall not be used anymore instead CNIC shall replace it. It has been ill practice of our Nation to have fake Domicile Certificates to get Admissions, Jobs and other benefits that they are not entitled for. Our CNIC have the place of Birth already mentioned that eliminate the issuance of Domicile Certificate.  

  • A candidate of MNA/MPA name must be in the voters' list of the constituency he/she is contesting and hence a total ban on contesting in more than one constituencies as Well more than one seat with-in the same constituency as MNA & MPA would automatically be imposed!
  • There shall be no more VIP Protocols, Charted Flights and First Class Traveling Facilities to all Government Officials.
  • Provide Opportunities to Overseas Pakistanisí to Participate in Government as MNA and Ministers.
    There shall be prohibition of discretionary Government funds and supplementary grants utilization by PM, President, COAS,  CMs, CJ or Parliamentarians by their will, all projects shall be proved by concern authorities. This will also help to establish heroism.
  • We shall proudly adopt our National Language Urdu in all Government Departments, Official Communication, Educational institutions, Law & Justice, Parliament,  National Assembly, Provisional assemblies etc.

  • The Power and Resources shall be given to Union Council Level


Let's Rebuild & Excel Pakistan

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