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By Zahid Ikram

National Service

National Service Program

Like Israel, South Korea, Switzerland and Singapore, this was also once adopted in Germany by Adolf Hitler. In Singapore, the National Service NS Act was passed on 14 March 1967, making National Service (NS) compulsory for all 18-year-old male Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Depending on physical and medical fitness, they serve a two-year period as National Servicemen Full-time (NSFs), either in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), or the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF). This is the concept of Jihad adopted by our Holy Prophet PBUH to establish peace around the world..

Registration for NS. Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are liable for National Service (NS). Upon reaching the age of 16 ˝ years, all male Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (including those whose Singapore citizenship is a second citizenship), have to register for NS .
Until the age of 45 all NSF have to go for15 days Training Exercises after every 6 Months and a Citizen without completion of NS is not allowed to leave Singapore if he is above Sixteen and Half Years of Age.

Those who are liable to serve national service as a national duty to the country but refuse is charged under the Enlistment Act. If convicted, they face up to both three years' imprisonment and a fine of S$10,000.

In Pakistan, we do have National Scouts, National Cadet Corps (NCC) and Civil Defense Training Programs but all these Programs are Part time and does not compete the NS program of Singapore. For First Aid Training, Rapid Response Training Programs for Natural Disasters Management and to Promote well-disciplined lifestyle in youth.

In order to reduce the burden of a large Armed Forces, Assist Police and Civil Defiance and to create us a Great Nation as well as Well-Disciplined Citizens. We have to adopt “National Service” Full Time Training Program for our Youth like Singapore, which will benefit us during Peace Time, in National Disasters or prepare us for War very effectively.

In a peace time we have to utilize our large Armed Forces for the welfare projects of Armed Forces as well public such as construction of Roads, Bridges, Plantation of Trees etc.

In order to meet the huge budget of Armed Forces, Pak Army shall be allowed to run Business ventures or Export Items Productions Factories beside the road and bridges constructionduring the peace time..

Find more about Singapore NS at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_service_in_Singapore

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