Reverence To The Holy Prophet

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Interview of Makhdoom Hazrat Pir Shahabuddin Saeen

Why the name of Allah?

Does the Holy Quran was revealed to the Messenger of Allah through (the agency of) Gabriel?

Is the Messenger a human being or a supernatural being (an angel)?

The Messenger ate, drank and had other needs also. Then wasn't he a 'bashar' (a human being)?

The Messenger would enjoy that privileged status in the Paradise only after being rewarded. Then what kind of a Messenger he is?

If the Messenger is like a shadow (something immaterial) how did he father children?

In Attahayyat, it is said Prophet, my salutation to you and may the blessing and compassion of God be on you.

You claim that the Holy Prophet was created before all other creatures but Adam is the father of human race. How then could the son be created before the father?

God and his angles offer Darood or 'blessings' on the Prophet. How do they do that?

In the prayer after the 'Azaan' it is prayed, 'elevate our Prophet to the station that you promised him'.

All living beings have to have a taste of death

A Saint does not die

How to show respect to the Prophet?

A Second Advice on How to Show Reverence to the Prophet

Urdu Version Part 1 & 2 (Adaab-e-Resalat)

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    A Humble Servant of the lovers of the Messenger of Allah, Makhdoomzada, Syed Mohammad Amir Qasim Shah

    Translated from Urdu to English By:

    Mr. Abdul Qayum, Chief Interpreter, Mr. Jahanzeb Shah, Interpreter, National Assembly Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan.