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VISIT & Business Visa Requirements

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The Embassy of Republic of Tajikistan

House# 295, Street# 35
F 11/3, Islamabad 44000,

Phone: (0092) 051-2293462

Fax:(0092) 051-2299710


Office Timings: 08:00 17:00, Monday - Friday


Embassy, Tajikistan

37-A, Rudaki Avenue, Opposite Firdausi Library, Dushambe (Tajikistan)

TEL: (7-3772)-211965, 210433
FAX: (7-3772)-211729

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Welcome, Visa Applicants! Foreigners, require a visa to enter to the Republic of Tajikistan.

The following documents should be submitted in order to obtain Tajik entry visa:

  1. Support letter:
    • Verbal Note - for Diplomatic visa;
    • Letter of invitation - for Business visa, issued up to 1 year;
    • Letter of invitation of company, copy of contract for Labor visa, issued up to three months;
    • Letter of support of tourist company for tourist visa, issued up to one month;
    • Letter of Request signed by applicant (addressed to Consular Section describing program of travel, real purpose of trip, terms of arrival and departure, contact person's information etc.) for Individual tourist visa, issued up to one month.

      P.S. (Holder of tourist visa is free from registration as a foreigner under internal affaires branches (OVIR) if his stay does not exceed 30 days)

    • Letter of Support of Tajik educational institution or agreement concluded for study; Letter of Invitation of Ministry of Education for students attended educational programs due to intergovernmental agreements for Educational Academy visa, issued for proper term , but not more than six months;

      P.S. Holder of mentioned visa has no right to involve in another activity or job;

    • Letter of support of educational or scientific institution or individual request to apply to one of national educational institution or letter of sending company for internship, exchange programs, educational training or language courses for Educational visa, issued up to nine months;
    • Notice of Migration service of Ministry of Internal Affaires of the Republic of Tajikistan - for Private Visa, could be issued up to three months;
    • Letter of Support of Company - to obtain free economic zone visa, issued up to three months and is valid in the territory of certain free economic zone;
    • Letter of Support of Company, License of international carriage, copy of insurance police for vehicle for Driver visa, issued for period not exceeding the term of a license. Driver visa is valid strictly for concrete route to destination;
    • Verbal Note or Letter of Representative of Foreign Mass Media - for Foreign mass media visa, issued up to three months;
    • Verbal Note or Letter of State Company of country origin of Sportsman or Art Group - for sportsman and art group visa, issued for term of event;
    • Verbal Note or Letter of State or Private Company dealt with delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of Tajikistan for Humanitarian visa, issued for term of assistance, but not more than six months.;
  2. Filled visa application form (one per person): One fully completed visa application forms (in English, in Tajik, in Russian - choose your language). Please, note that the full answers to all question on the visa application will be reflected in the issued visa.

    Note: Make sure that you put entry and exit date!

  3. One passport size photos.
  4. Valid passport. Passport must be valid for at least 2 months from the date of departure.
  5. Copy of the passport (the page with photo and the data ONLY)
  6. Copy of invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan
  7. Cover letter of request from your organization or agency. Embassy reserves the right to request for additional documents.
  8. Proof of visa payment in US dollar. Please, note that we do not accept company or personal checks, credit cards, etc.

    The payment is non-refundable, regardless of the Consulate decision to issue or deny the application.

    Note: In case of processing express visa during 72 hours applicant must pay double price irrespective of the category of visa. Tourist visa could be issued up to two month.

    All applicants are required to pay the visa fee, except the holders of diplomatic and UN passports, members of official governmental delegations,

  9. Visa fees are as follows:
    Duration Number of Entries Visa Fee
    One week Single 30$
    Two weeks Single 40$
    One month Single 50$
    One month Multiple 90$
    Two months Single 65$
    Two months Multiple 105$

  10. The Consulate easily issued a visa for the visitors of Mir Saeed Ali Hamadani's shrine in Kulab city.GBAO special permission is valid to visit Khorugh, Darvoz, Vanj, Rushon, Ishkoshim and Murghob districts.

In case of applying by post applicant must send paid self-addressed return envelope with actual post stamp or organize the pick up by themselves.

The Embassy is not responsible for any damage or lost of content of envelope could be occur in course of return post-delivery.


For any additional information about the visa procedure please contact to the Mission.

Address: House No. 295, Street 35, F-11/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tel: 009251 229-3462

Fax:009251 229-9710

Consulate Working Days and Hours:

Monday-Friday:09-AM to 14-PM
(9 to 12 receiving documents)
(12 to 14 issuing documents)


Terms of Visa Single Double
Till 72 hrs 15.00  

Legalization fee and requesting of documents:

Submition of documents for legalization must require the following conditions:

  1. To be translated to Tajik or Russian languages
  2. To be confirmed by local Notary
  3. To be legalized by origin country's Ministry of Foreign Affaires or other official body
  4. In case of copy legalization the Notary confirmed copy is needed


Note: the amount will not be returned to applicant, if this document or information about him has not revealed or applicant refused from legalization of documents



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