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Telephone Directory of Government

Federal Government Contacts
Department / Ministry


Presidential Secretariat President Secretariat
Aiwan-e-Sadar, Islamabad.
P.M. Secretariat P.M. Secretariat, Islamabad. 9206111
Senate Secretariat Senate Secretariat
Parliament House, Islamabad
9201323, 9204031
Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet
Ministry of Commerce Pak. Secretariat Block "A", Islamabad 9205708
Ministry of Communication Communication Division
Pak. Scett. Block "D", Islamabad
Ministry of Culture Pak. Secretariat Block "D". Islamabad. 9205993
Ministry of Sports, Youth Affair & Tourism. K-13, F-7 Markaz. Islamabad 9205993
Ministry of Defence Defence Division Pak. Secretariat-11
Ministry of Education Block "D" Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9205835
Ministry of Finance Finance Division . Block "Q" Pak. Secretariat
Ministry of Economic Affairs Block "C", Pak. Secretariat,
Ministry 0f Food & Agriculture Food & Agriculture Division
Block "B" Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad.
Ministry of Live Stock Live Stock Division
79, Al-Rehman Chamber, Blue Area, Islamabad
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sector G-5/1, Islamabad 9207917
Ministry of Health Health Division . Block "C". Pak. Secretariat
Ministry of Special Education & Social Welfare 9-E, Rizwan Plaza, Blue Area. Islamabad 9205110
Ministry of Urban Affairs U.B.L Tower, Jinnah Avenue. Islamabad 2224579
Ministry of Industries Block "A", Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 211709, 9203408
Ministry of Interior Block "R" Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9201213
Ministry of Narcotics Control Narcotics Control Division
75, West Eagle Plaza, Blue Area. Islamabad
Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Affairs Block "R" , Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9201014
Ministry of Labour Labour Wing. Block "B" Pak. Secretariat
Ministry of Labour, Manpower & overseas Pakistanis Manpower & Overseas Pakistani Wing 10-D.
Taimur Plaza, West Blue Area,. Islamabad
Ministry of law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Block "S" and "R", Pak. Secretariat.
Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development 27, Iftikhar Plaza, Blue Area. Islamabad 9202407
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources Block "A" Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9208307
Ministry of Planning & Development Planning & Development Division
Block "P" Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad
Ministry of Population Welfare Population Welfare Division
Jamil Mohsin Mansion. Civic Centre.
Ministry of Production Block "D" , Ground Floor, Pak Secretariat Islamabad. 9207582
Ministry of Railway Railway Board. Block "D" Pak. Secretariat
Ministry of Religious Affairs & Minority Affairs P-20, Markaz Ramna-6, Near G.P.O
Ministry of Science & Technology 8th Floor, Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat, China Chowk, Blue Area. Islamabad. 9201050
Ministry of Water and Power Block "A" Main Secretariat. Islamabad 9209624
Ministry of Women’s Development 1st , 2nd , 8th ,9th and 10th Floor
State Life Insurance Corporation Building No.5. F-6/4 Blue Area. Islamabad
Attorney General of Pakistan Supreme Court Building. Islamabad 2214742, 2214608
Agricultural Department Block "B", Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9209114.
A.P.C Agricultural Price Commission

Mandir Plaza, G-8 Markaz. Islamabad

2255844, 2250716
Archives Department Block "N", Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9266349
Bureau of Immigration & Overseas Employment 14-C, Ayub Market , F-8 Markaz. Islamabad 255635-45
Bureau of Police Research & Development National Police Foundation Plaza, Mauve Area ,. G-10/4 . Islamabad 256553-4
Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Block. Islamabad 9202750-57.
Central Board of Film Censors Street No. 55, F-6/4. Islamabad 9204338
Chashma Nuclear Power Project Raza Noor Plaza, Blue Area. Islamabad 9201959.
Chief Commissioner Capital Territory 14-r, F-8 Markaz . Islamabad 2852658.
Chief Commissioner of Afghan Refugees No. 3, St. 49, F-8/4. Islamabad 2854434, 2856707
Defence Audit Department Directorate General Defence Audit
Audit Dept., Kashmir Road. Rawalpindi
5568525-6, 5568191
Defence Production Division Abid Majeed Road, Cantt Rawalpindi 5584781-4
Federal Service Tribunal 66 West, Junaid Plaza, Blue Area. Islamabad 2212110.
Federal Shariat Court 146, Margallah Road F-7/3. Islamabad 9203145
Finance Division (Military) Pak. Secretariat #2, Adamjee Road
Intelligence Bureau Islamabad 9206341, 9205021
I.S.P.R Inter Services Public Relations Directorate
Hilal Road, Cantt. Rawalpindi
Labor Division Block "B" Pak. Secretariat. Islamabad 9201823
Overseas Employment Corporation Ltd. Overseas Employment Corporation Ltd.
21, Civil Lines, Mayo Road. Rawalpindi
564836, 516091
Overseas Pakistani Foundation Overseas Pakistani Foundation
Shahrah-e-Jamhooriyat, G-5/2. Islamabad
9203267, 9202457
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
20, Ramna 5/1, Attaturk Avenue. Islamabad
Atomic Energy Commission Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
F-7 Markaz. Islamabad
920920-1, 9203056-60
Pakistan Engineering Council Attaturk Avenue, East G-5/2. Islamabad 81003399, 816333
Narcotics Control Division Narcotics Control Division
75 West , Eagle Plaza Blue Area. Islamabad
214920, 9202276
P.T.D.C Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation
House #2 , Street # 61, F-7/4. Islamabad
828814, 811001, 9201279-81
Parliamentary Affairs Division Block "R" & "S", Pak. Secretariat., Islamabad 2824206
Statistic Division Bldg. #5, F-6/4, Blue Area. Islamabad 211406.
Survey of Pakistan Faizabad, Murree Road. Rawalpindi 840208-09, 420653-4, 9290222
Wafaqi Mohtasib Benevolent Fund Bldg. Near Zero Point


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Sindh Government Telephone Directory

Azad Jammu Kashmir {AJK) Government Telephone Directory

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