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Physical Infrastructure in Pakistan
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Pakistan Railway

Route Kilometers 7,791 (year 2000)

Passengers Carried 49.20 million (1999-2000)

Freight Carried 3.78 million tons (1999-2000)

Freight-Tonne Kilometers 2,890 million (1999-2000)

Pakistan Railways has a well-developed system connecting virtually the entire country from north to south and east to west, catering to the large-scale movement of freight as well as passenger traffic. The Pakistan Railways Network comprises 8,775 kilometres of track, 737 stations, 596 locomotives, 2,725 freight wagons and 2040 passenger coaches.

The Government of Pakistan is actively encouraging private sector participation in the railway sector to operate passenger and freight trains by paying track access charges. Interested parties may approach the Privatisation Commission in Islamabad for further details



Map of Pakistan Railways

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